Tuesday, 2 December 2008


"In the interests of health and safety"... how often do you hear those words these days? Do you understand why you hear those words? Do you know the case history behind the seriously unsafe actions or omissions that companies have committed which resulted in injury or even death to their employees or members of the public? Well I do. More to the point, I'm writing my two exams on the subject on Friday and so thought it only polite to warn that in the interests of health and safety, this blog will be on hiatus until at least the weekend. Don't think I've forsaken you - it will be a short and not entirely sweet break from my adventures. Think of it as the calm before my road trip around UK storm. :0)



  1. Emm good luck on your paper honey and please let us know how it goes.


  2. Hi Jodi. Thank you. I will definitely let you know!

  3. Good Luck!

    Incidentally, there are no observable H&S laws here in Mexico! Where I've since come to the conclusion that the very term 'Health and Safety' is just politically correct goobledegook for 'Anti Stupidity Legislation'!

  4. Gary - sorry for reply to your email and not here - what can I say? Stressed?

    Here's the reply anyway:

    Oh definitely. Most H&S cases are based on liability as opposed to breaches anyway so it is definitely about not being stupid!

  5. You will be missed! I am sure you will do wonderfully on your exam. Best of luck!

  6. Wondered why it went all quiet. Good luck in your exams, but then you make your own luck in these instances.

  7. @ JAPRA: Well, I feel confident already with the first paper. Now I have two full days to get confident with the second paper! Thanks for the good wishes!

    @ Martin: I agree - I have been studying hard all through the course but I haven't completely revised all areas. I just hope they don't decide to emphasise an area I have only skimmed over!

  8. I hope everything is going on wheels,emm!

    You will get the best reward for your effort. :)

  9. I hope everything is going on wheels,emm!

    You will get the best reward for your effort. :)

    iwalk@ iwalku2

  10. @ Liu: Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is amazing!


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