Saturday, 20 June 2009

Emm in New York

There are so many things I wanted to do before I went on holiday.  I wanted to post about the Race for Life that I did and about going to see War of the Worlds tonight.  But alas, that will all have to wait as I have some last minute packing to do and then I’m leaving at 6am tomorrow morning for the airport.  I still haven’t decided if I am taking Ste’s laptop with me but I’m leaning towards not taking it at the moment which means I will be out of contact for the next 9 days.

New York City here I come…



  1. Bon voyage! Hope you have a WONDERFUL time!

  2. Hi Emm! Never saw NYC like this... ;))

    Blogtrotter has moved to another country on its 250th post and will be waiting for your comments on your return... Enjoy and have a great trip!!

  3. You'll be gone by now, but I'm sending my wishes flying after you. Have a wonderful time! I have no doubt you will.

  4. I'm sure you're already gone but no matter. I hope you have an amazing time! Make sure to let us know what you think of the big apple.

  5. Have a wonderful time in NYC! We will be there as well, from 24-27th of July... you won't be there any more are you?? Otherwise we could meet?

  6. Have a safe trip, Emm! I hope there will be pics of your NY adventure :)

  7. Have a wonderful time lol. Don't forget us lol. I am comment starved rofl. I used to go to New York to visit my then Fiance now Hubby lol. The food is great!

  8. Hope that you're enjoying yourself over at NY. Can we expect pictures when you're back? :)

  9. An award for you, dear traveller!

  10. Hey! Thanks for checking out my photo! I stash all of my photos in my Webshots. My favorites are in the desktop backgrounds folder (I store them at a higher resolution in that album).

    Have fun in NY! :o)

  11. And I'm back!

    @ Kathy, GMG, Sheila, Xoán-Wahn, Mireille, Ivanhoe, yanjiaren and CK: Thanks for your bon voyages and good wishes! And of course there will be photos!

    @ Gary: Why thank you! It is a while since I had an award!

    @ VaBookworm: Hey! I got back last night and am quite jetlagged and grumpy! Thanks for the link to your webshots album - I am looking at your Italy photos right now! After New York, Italy is my number one destination and I hope to do a road trip around there next year.

  12. Hope you had a fabulous trip! I love NYC...

  13. I hope your having a wonderful time Emm. I would love to go to NY. I have never been there but have always wanted to go at least once in my life time.

    God bless,

  14. @ Cowgirl: Oh, it was lovely! And I love NYC now too!

    @ Jodi: Never been? You should go one day, it is a wonderful city.


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