Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 47: Euston


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  1. Euston station always reminds me of the Smith's London:

  2. Great pic! I like the sign: Monday Nights Are Miserable and Sad.

  3. Euston is soulless - I prefer St Pancras. Love the night shots at Bankside

  4. Euston, not my favourite station. Reminds me on the time I went in the wrong direction when the place was jam packed...NIGHTMARE!

  5. you've made Euston station look good!

  6. Very nice and clear picture, the last time I was there, you couldn't see the platform for the people ;)

  7. Sigh. Wish I could hop on the tube after work today. 8-(

  8. I think "Monday mornings" are worse. Funny how it says "way out" instead of "exit".

  9. Nice capture Emm you can always guarantee someone asking directions in Euston underground a bit confusing for tourists

  10. Not very busy then. It's nice to see a less than packed platform.

    What will be different in your 2011?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!


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