Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Day to Remember: 28 March 2002

During the ceremony

28 March 2002.

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary.  I’m finally starting to believe that we’ve been together for so long because I’m finding it increasingly difficult to remember a time before Stephen.  I am the luckiest girl alive and my luck just keeps rolling in.  (Did I ever tell you that “Ste” rhymes with “tea”?  My poor, long-suffering husband).

All smiles

Marriage seems like such a big, impossible thing until you spend ten years with your best friend and it flies past in the blink of an eye.  Just in case you’re thinking that I have been overcome by a case of oversentimentality, I’d just like to point out that I am rather grudgingly eyeing my waistline in the photo above and wondering what the heck happened.

After the ceremony

Happy tenth wedding anniversary Favourite Husband! I hope you enjoy your Michael Westen-inspired anniversary gift!

I know, so much mushiness. It is just scandalous. Well, while we're on a more personal-than-normal post, I will tell you that I have one more exam next week before I receive my AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting.  I’ll finish my Level 4 in the next year.  I’ve been studying during lunch hours and on the train, so my apologies if I’ve been a bit boring. 

We’re going to Munich this weekend to meet up with my darling friend Vanessa and her family so I’ll finally have something exciting to blog about next week!  Oh, and I got a new job.  Same company, new job and a new location in Charing Cross from April! More great blogging opportunities!



  1. Congratulations to both of you! And what beautiful photos!

  2. Fabulous. Good to know life is going great guns!
    And it's the first time I am seeing such a personal post (with pics) on your blog. Love it! :-)

    My heartiest congratulations and anniversary wishes to you both! :-)

  3. Congratulations Mandy! Thanks for sharing the pics and well done on your new post in Charing X from whence all distances from London are measured.

    First husbands are so special!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!! The pics are just georgeous! Enjoy your trip :)

  5. Happy anniversary! You are so beautiful, special in pic 3. Wish you all the best in marriage and in your plans with job and traveling.

    Hugs from Tania

  6. Congratulations Mandy. What a lovely smile you have!

  7. Happy 10th anniversary. both of you make a great couple. great photos, you look stunning.

  8. Congratulations! Such a lovely couple!

    And have fun in Munich.

  9. aw, congratulations, emm!

    wow, you both look gorgeous! love your smile!

    ...and thanks so much for your kind words and get well wishes regarding my sister. just wanted you to know how much i really appreciate them!!:)

    big hugs!

  10. Congratulations to you both!! Lovely photos and have a great time in Munich!

  11. wow !!
    hoerah !! hip hip !
    you look absolutely stunning
    luckiest girl indeed
    have a happy and enjoy Munich !

  12. Congratulations to you both in this very special day!

  13. Happy Anniversary to you and Stephen! It is quite a milestone! Wishing you luck on your upcoming exam! Have a great time in Munich and I forward to reading about it. Go to Marienplatz!

  14. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Lovely photos!

  15. You must have a big party for your special wedding anniversary, and show the original wedding film to the anniversary party guests. Especially if both lots of parents are alive and well, and can relive the joy. Well done :)

  16. Congratulations! :-) Happy 10th anniversary to you both.

  17. Happy anniversary for yesterday :)

  18. I'm a little late, but happy anniversary all the same. :) Great photos. We celebrated 7 years of marriage back in January.

  19. Hey you never said you were hot! :-)

    Congratulations to you both Emm. What great pictures. Here's to the next ten! Sláinte

  20. Congrats on the 10th anniversary...
    Have fun in Munich!!!
    It's an amazing town... Love it...
    hope to hear your opinion soon...


  21. Congrats on ten years of marriage and the new job Mandy!!! I'm late posting my comment because I've been away for the weekend too. Can't way to see your pictures and read what you've been up to in Munich - hope the weather was much better than it was in Berlin (6°, lots of rain, and on Saturday, just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, a hailstorm) hahah.

  22. Congratulations on your anniversary, and it's lovely to read about your happy marriage! And I love the wedding pictures! And - also - congratulations on the professional successes. In short, it's great to read a happy post.
    I am posting a bit late because I've been away and only had my phone, which doesn't deal well with blogger. For instance, it won't allow me to scroll down, which is certainly a limitation!
    Have a great week!

  23. You both look so young and innocent. What happened? *joke*!

  24. Happy Anniversary! Ten years of bliss – wonderful! I am happy for your new job too and your trip to Munich. I’ll be waiting for your photographs – have a great time.

  25. Congratulations. Ten years married is no small accomplishment. I hope you enjoy your trip to Munich.

  26. Yay Congrats!! Such beautiful photos of you both..thanks for sharing this magical post! you look beautiful..gorgeous...enjoy and celebrate!

  27. Many congratulations to you both! May you have many more of these occasions to celebrate. And of course congrats on the new job too. :)

  28. Happy anniversary! And you both look so stunning and happiness. A wonderful 10th marriage. BTW, hope you will pass the exam. Congrats on your new job and location from April. Ya Ya Ya......

  29. 10 years on and you have hardly changed a bit. Congratulations.... and keep on keeping on...


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