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The Unspoilt Ski Secrets of Scandinavia

I am really keen to visit Scandinavia, even more so after my introductory Norwegian course this summer.  In this guest post, Jo King tells us all about one of the region’s best-kept secrets, their pristine ski slopes.  Enjoy!

The Nordic countries that make up the region of Scandinavia have a multitude of popular ski resorts which cater for every capability and snow seeker. But sometimes, the popularity of these resorts means that they become overcrowded or even impossible to get booked into, however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are some lesser known spots far from the beaten slope which make a ski holiday extra special.

Ramundberget in the Härjedalen region, Sweden

The popularity of some resorts means that operators need to rely on snow machines to keep the powder pristine and plentiful, but you’ll find no such wizardry here. This small resort which leads onto unchartered backcountry prides itself on three things - nature, history and hospitality. If something doesn’t fit this philosophy then it’s not welcome at Ramundberget. There’s no fake snow or heavily maintained ski routes - everything is as nature intended. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a great selection of facilities and activities on offer. Regardless of ability, there are enough on, and off-piste slopes here to satisfy any skier, boarder or thrill-seeker - those wanting an adrenalin rush can take any of the cross country routes across 300km of slope or alpine forest, or take a helicopter ride to the peaks for a heart-pounding ride back down.


Per Larsson Fs 3 Tail uploaded by Micke Dabrowski on Flickr

Luosto and Pyhä, north of the Arctic Circle, Finland

Lapland is always thought of with regards to its abundance of snow, yet the bigger resorts in Austrian or French Alps continue to draw the most tourists. Let them go. By visiting the lesser known mountains in Finland, you’ll find the snow pure and the views unspoilt by crowds, giving you not only a better experience, but in all likelihood a cheaper one. The best deals for cheap car hire, equipment rental and accommodation can be found just outside the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi is the ‘Official Hometown of Santa Claus’ and a big draw for holiday skiers, but just a 90 minute drive to the north you’ll find the Luosto and Pyhä resorts which are favoured by local skiers and boarders alike. These are more suited to those with experience rather than slope newbies.

Telemark in Pyhä-Luosto Fell

Telemark in Pyhä-Luosto Fell uploaded by Visit Finland on Flickr

Nordmøre Fjord in the Halsa region, Norway

For a really unique experience the slopes around the fjords are a must-ski and there are a number to choose from. With car hire in Norway they’re all within reach. Norway has some truly stunning scenic drives along the coastline of the fjords and through the mountains and having your own wheels means that carrying all your kit is easy. For something really special however, drive out to the Halsa region. Here, you can ski down the slopes overlooking the fjord to the water’s edge, load up a kayak, paddle across the Nordmøre fjord and ski on the slopes at the other side in the Stabblandet region. Alternatively, some of the resorts in this area provide ski and sail trips which will take you from one piste to another by sailboat.

About the Guest Author

Jo KingJo King has settled in the UK after spending time overseas living, working and travelling in eight different countries. She is now the Global Communications Manager for Holiday Autos.



  1. Hi:-) just come to my place, from here we drive ca 2 hour to the mountains for downhill fun!!:-)

  2. It looks and sounds like pure heaven to me right now. It is so hot here in Miami and I just heard the weatherman say that next week will be even more humid. When will I get to wear the cute sweaters that I bought?

  3. that looks like a great winter getaway. i'd love to go to all these places but too bad i can't ski.

  4. Always a bit wary of skiing these days - don't want to jeopardise the running!! Looks lovely, though

  5. looking great but unfortunately for me, not really my cup of tea ! :)
    wonderful guest post - gorgeous pictures

  6. Beautiful photos (especially the telemark one±). I'm hoping to head Scandi-way for the Northern Lights early next year, and although I live in a ski resort, I'll be rugging up extra warm. They have resorts up there that are closed at the peak of winter because it's TOO COLD. Argh!


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