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Forget the Road: Why Exploring the US By Train Is Best

It seems I’m not the only one mad about rail travel! Rail is my favourite mode of transport and I dream of taking a rail trip across the USA one day. Enjoy this guest post by Jenny MacLean about the Great Rail Coast to Coast.

This magnificent and massive country can often appear quite daunting to the uninitiated. Many of the individual states are larger than some European countries, so one of the most comfortable and easiest ways to travel across the USA is to take the train.


Each of the states that make up the USA has its own unique charm. Many visitors will feel that they already know the country from cinema and TV, but this is a common mistake.

The only way of truly getting to know a country is to actually travel there. Great Rail Coast to Coast holidays give any traveller a sense of this magnificent country and American trains are a special experience in themselves.

California Zephyr Great Rail Coast to Coast

Major cities

The Big Apple is one of the most vibrant cities in the world; from the shows on Broadway and the splendid museums, including the wonderful Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) to the wonderful shops and bars, New York has something for everyone.

If you need some time out, then just take a stroll in Central Park, or go and have a truly American burger in one of the city’s many famous diners. New Yorkers are renowned for being in a hurry, but they are also friendly and willing to help a hapless visitor if you do encounter any difficulties.

The Journey

Your train ride will also stop off at the nation’s stately capital, Washington DC. To actually see the White House in the flesh can be awe inspiring, due to the beauty and majesty of the buildings.

From Chicago, you’ll depart on an odyssey across the very heart of the country. American trains are equipped with an observation lounge, so as you pass through the Rockies, you won’t miss a thing.

The Coast-to-Coast journey will also take you on a voyage of exploration across the Old West. Look out for the town of Flagstaff, reminiscent of many cowboy movies. Utah’s Monument Valley is also on the agenda and well worth a mention.

Monument Valley Utah


By the time you reach the West Coast cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, your senses will have been enriched by this fantastic journey. San Francisco has always been a very forward-looking city, from its dynamic founders to the many diverse people who have made the city their home, so enjoy its hilly streets and take a trip on one of its famous cable cars – you won’t be disappointed.


About the Guest Author:
Jenny MacLeanJenny MacLean is a freelance journalist who has just spent the last 4 months travelling across the United States of America. She enjoys cultural experiences as well as personal challenges to enhance her understanding of world civilization.
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