Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Volunteering: Fun and Character Building

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take up volunteering and I’m always impressed about the range of opportunities available. This is a sponsored post written for me by the lovely team from Army Cadets, explaining a little bit more about why volunteering is beneficial.

If someone asked you to tell them something really interesting about yourself what would you say? You could just tell them about your work or social interests, but what would that really tell them about your personality or achievements? Maybe your CV lacks that extra edge in work experience, so why not consider volunteering?

Being a volunteer has many obvious practical and personal benefits. Your career prospects can be enhanced, because volunteering not only looks good on your CV, but it can also give you many opportunities to develop and gain new skills. You’ll gain skills such as communication as you will most likely be interacting with a variety of people and management skills enabling you to seek roles which enable you lead and manage a small team. In any volunteer work environment there are opportunities to enhance your development whilst helping others such as the Duke of Edinburgh award or any number of first aid and lifesaving qualifications.

Volunteering can be very beneficial to increasing your people skills, meaning you may find it is easier to integrate and build relationships with others. This can not only enhance your ability to work in teams, but also meeting new people through volunteering may increase your circle of friends.

Undoubtedly most volunteering opportunities help to build self-confidence and a sense of achievement which is difficult to rival. Volunteer work with an organisation like the Army Cadet Force can help boost confidence by improving your team work and leadership skills through leading expeditions and also receiving first aid training.

Taking part in volunteering activities can depending on the activity, also have physical benefits. You can improve your overall fitness levels as many activities involve regular exercise. This can additionally provide a great opportunity to get some fresh air and spend more time outdoors.

Perhaps the most important part of volunteering is the part you can’t see; the effect on character building. The sense of achievement volunteering delivers is immense. Helping others in whatever way and the feeling of putting something back into society can’t be underestimated. So why not consider taking up one of the many and diverse volunteering opportunities and the next time anyone asks tell me something interesting about yourself you may just not be able to stop yourself talking!

Do you volunteer? If so, tell me more about your experiences!

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