Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Summer update

Bas (an excellent expat blogger stationed in Turkey) asked what actually happened with Summer. My reply turned into an essay, so here goes:
When she was six months old, Summer rushed into a window and caught her leg in the security bars and she snapped the bone at the knee. Because she was such a baby, the vet warned us that the joint might fuse when she healed. Well, it did fuse. The knee cap fused to the top bone and never provided the bottom bone with any protection. Then, it seems as if the bottom and top bone fused together at the tip. (This all happened because her growth plates were still developing when she first broke her leg). What happened now is that we moved into a new house. Her brother is an incorrigible escape artist and daredevil and he did not take well to us trying to keep them inside the house (we wanted them to get used to the house). Anyway, Seth learned to escape via a very high up bathroom window and he also learned to re-enter the house via that window, jumping at least two metres from the window to the tiled bathroom floor. Summer copied him, of course, and they continued to use this route even after we opened up other safer routes for them to use. Judging from the way the bone seemed to have torn away from the joint, I would imagine Summer took the leap and put too much pressure on her fused joint. This is the video from the last time Summer was hurt. It was taken on 02 February 2007. If you listen carefully, you'll hear me cooing to her in the background trying to settle her. She had to wear that cast for 6 weeks!

She is very vocal by the way. She is extremely vocal and she is always communicating. I always tease that I will know when she is seriously hurt, because she'll be quiet. Well, she was quiet on Friday night. She is the cutest thing when you get home at night - she chats and chats for ages as you open the door and put down your things and get settled. I am quite sure she'll get through this and be just fine.

Summer and Seth are named after charaters in The O.C. I loved that show and I thought that Summer and Seth were the best love story ever in television.

Summer came out of surgery last night and was apparently jumped about the cattery within minutes of waking up. I know she must have been scared, terrified in fact; but the vet seemed to think this was a good sign. They will let her come home as soon as she is no longer dependent on pain relief.



  1. What a sad and unfortunate thing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. @ Bas: Yeah - it's sad but she'll be fine. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Yes, thank you for sharing Summer's story. She's a beauty and I am sure she will recover quickly.

    Trudy cut her front legs very badly when we moved into a new house in Texas a couple of years ago. She tried to push her way through a window (she had done so successfully at a previous house--came through without a cut). This window was a little pane and when Trudy pulled her legs back in because she couldn't leap out, she had some deep cuts into some tendons. Well, an emergency hospital visit, three fancy and colourful casts, and two months later, she was fine. But oh the stress!

    So all this to say, I know how you feel. Sending you calming thoughts and warm squishy coos to Summer.

  4. Poor thing! So sad, but they are amazing how they adapt. It's so hard when pets are in a bad way.

  5. @ Just A Plane Ride Away: Poor Trudy! That sounds sooooo sore! We had so many incidents in South Africa that our vet starting giving us discounts! I was hoping for a bit of respite out here.

    @ Sheila: Yeah, it is very hard. But she is a strong, fiery little creature so I am hopeful! :0)

  6. awwwwww that poor baby :(

    ~ Christopher ~


  7. @ Christopher: I know, isn't it sad?? My poor baby. Thanks for stopping by!


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