Saturday, 10 January 2009

Older holiday pictures

I've been considering for some time putting up some pictures from before I began this blog.  Mostly, I have loads of honeymoon pictures looking for a good home and we visited Dubai in 2005 and took some awesome pictures there.  Well, what better time to start than now, when I am just so sick!

I've also wanted to share a bit about South Africa too and how beautiful it is.  Here are pictures from our last holiday in South Africa before we emigrated.  I seem to remember that definitely being one of our wetter summers!



  1. Emm why don't you start a photo blog?

    My one complaint about Emm in London is that the photos(which I enjoy) always take a long time to load. Could just be my slow connection but worth a thought.

    I really must visit SA.

  2. @ TEFL Don: Oh dear. If you're struggling then everone in South Africa will definitely be struggling as we only have limited bandwidth andslow connections. Emm in London is effectively meant to be my photoblog of sorts as I have a private journal over at Livejournal that I have used for almost 8 years.

    Perhaps if I use a 'more tag' to hide the photos and then utilise albums at Picasa or Flikr too. Do you have any suggestions or examples?

  3. I'm so glad you posted your older photos. I really enjoyed them. And oh, those beautiful lions (especially the cubs, awww!)!

  4. have only just followed! hope you are feeling better!

  5. @ JAPRA: Thanks for the encouragement! I will certainly post more older ones then. (Mind made up!)

    @ MT: Thanks! Um, I thought you just didn't like me. :)


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