Friday, 27 February 2009

Exams results

I passed all three exams with credit and am now the proud holder of a National General Certificate in Health and Safety.  "Credit" is not quite a distinction but it is a convincing pass.  [insert massive sigh of relief and big grin here]



  1. Yay, you! What will you do with that? Spread healthiness throughout the UK? Is it like a nursing degree?

  2. Emm you are becoming to much of an Anglophile, the whole country is heath and safety crazy!

    Next thing you'll give up blogging for fear of repetitive strain injury.

    Anyway congratulations, but don't give up blogging.

  3. Congratulations on passing your exams!

  4. Yepeeeee! Congrats, Emm :o)

  5. @ Forrest: Thanks! No, it isn't like a nursing degree. I would eventually work in buildings or construction sites and make sure everything is safe and that people don't hurt themselves.

    @ Mike: Ha ha! Actually, the entire reason we moved to the UK is because my husband is a H&S manager and they take H&S seriously in this country. In South Africa, if they can get away with not doing something then they won't do it!

    But on a more serious note... it is 'elf and safety that makes sure that situations like Bradford City Stadium disaster and Hillborough Disaster don't happen again!

    And, um, give up blogging? Not a chance!

    @ Mira: Thank you and thanks for stopping by my blog!

    @ DL & Ivanhoe: Thanks! :o)


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