Sunday, 26 April 2009

Fraud! Theft of Emm in London content!

Some Complete Freak of Nature is completely plagiarising my Emm in London content!

It is the weirdest thing but the first couple of lines of every post I make lands up on his blog.  He is plagiarising tons of blogs too and many people’s photographs are showing up.

I am luckier than some of the others as just a couple of lines of my text are showing and the photos appearing not be to showing up (thank you Blogger / Picasa).  Other people have images and more text showing.  It is scandalous.

I cannot understand what possible benefit it could be giving this person though.  There is no advertising on his site so he couldn’t benefit that way and with just an excerpt and no link to the rest of the post, he is not likely to get any readers or followers.  There are no links back to my site that I can see but in that case, why did it show up in the ‘external links’ report at Google Webmaster*?

I specifically linked the first paragraph like that so that it would show up on his blog, by the way.  I also let a couple of his victims know what he was doing as he has been stealing content from some pretty fancy travel sites;  I can’t imagine they will be very pleased!!  I am just going to ask him once to remove my stuff from his site but after that I am at a loss.  At least my photos aren’t showing up.

*Google Webmaster is full of excellent tools that help you manage your website and get it entered into Google searches.  I discovered it today and will use it in future alongside Google Analytics which is another fantastic and free service which tells you how many visitors you are receiving on your site and what they are reading.



  1. Hi welcome to the club. I don't know whether you are aware of Google alerts?

    Easy to set up and you can put some snippet of code (just a special word or number) in your feed- then Google sends you an email if your feed is being scraped.

    Can't see the point of the sitein question-no Adsense visible-if there was you can report them to Google and get the IP address blocked.

    If you want any info there are a couple of posts on MTF about similar problem I had.

    I get alerts quite often but mostly its because the story has been syndicated with appropriate credit to the author.

  2. Oh no! That is awful!!!!!!! :-(

  3. @ Mike: Yes! I remember your incident well! I do use Google alerts daily actually (I use it to monitor reports on genocide for my political blog). Is there anything formal I need to do to get a creative commons license, or do I just state my content is protected? I'm going to use something similar to your feed message if that's okay?

    @ JaPRA: I know! Silly person. I'm quite curious as to what possible benefit he could derive?

  4. That leaves a bad taste in the mouth! I can't understand the motivation though. It's not even done well.

  5. wot woe, not good. Mama says she has been lucky so far. Sorry Emm.

  6. Weird. Is it possible that it is some sort of blogger bug, that this guy is somehow innocent of wrongdoing but just goofed while working on his blog? Nothing on that site is comprehensible - it's like two sets of posts laid on top of each other.

    Oh - and that analytics tool? I am mystified about how to make it work. I tried it but it's just an empty box that welcomes people to the blog. Huh?!

  7. Pity the blogger can't be hung by the Googles!

  8. @ Sheila: I know. It seems it is more than randomly feeding though because this post specifically doesn't show in his last batch of uploads.

    @ Skitto and Peanut: Thanks Kits!

    @ Forrest: Naah. I don't think so - every single post on there is stolen from someone else.

    If you want me to get on MSN or something and help you with Analytics, I'd be happy too. It is such a good tool once oyu get it going. Can you email me a screen shot of what you are seeing?

    @ Martin: Ha! Exactly. Silly, nasty man he is! I assume it is a man. That is silly of me, isn't it?

  9. What a shame--some people just don't get copyright, especially on the Internet. Clever of you to figure out.

  10. @ The Prodigal Tourist: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by. I apologise for the late reply - work and life just get in the way of blogging and email sometimes!

    I see the perpetrator is no longer stealing my posts which is great news to me!

    I'm off to check your blog now.

  11. How dare they! It's happened to me too...and then it stopped...maybe they grew bored of my drivel :)

  12. Yes - he seemed to tire of me too and no longer mines my posts. But then i did ask him very politely to stop. Personally, I think I might have offended him by calling him a freak of nature.


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