Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sport: FA Cup Semi-Final

Some of you may know that I am a born and bred Everton supporter. Liverpool has two football teams and they are just across Stanley Park from each other.  Liverpool is the one team with their Anfield ground and Everton is the other team with Goodison Park aka The School of Science.

Well today was the FA Cup Semi-Final match between Manchester United and Everton.  My cousin came down from Up North to watch the match at Wembley (supporting the Blues of course) and at my house it was my brother and I for Everton and his friend Clinton and Stephen for Manchester United. 

The game went into extra time with no goals scored and then Everton won 4-2 on a penalty shoot out.  A very exciting match and an awesome result.  Go on you blues!!



  1. It's nice to know that you an Evartonian Emm and thanks for making my day. I'm a Chelsea Supporter and am glad that you made sure that you put a stop to Man United.

  2. @ Pule: Ha! It's going to be an all-Blue final! I wonder who will wear the home kit?

  3. Hi Emm! Congratulations!! But beware of the other blues; even without the Special One... ;))

    You wouldn’t guess where Blogtrotter is on its last post waiting your comments... ;)
    Enjoy and have a great week!

  4. Nice kne Emm! I have a soft spot for Everton unless they're playing Arsenal.

    You stuffed Manchester United well good yesturday. I saw it live on Bulagrian TV. I wasnt' too happy about yo having to play Chelski in the Final though.

    Everton FC is much preferred to Liverpool FC who have mainly idiots who call themselves fans. we have had ouor fair share of them in Bulgaria recently!

    Hope you go on to win the FA cup

  5. @ GMG: Aaah, we're not afraid of the Southern Blues!

    @ Martin: Oh! You support Arsenal - pity about Saturday... We thought it was going to be an all-red final and it is all-blue. What a nice surprise!

  6. What??!! No, say it isn't so! ;)

    I've been following Manchester United since last April when I viewed a match on TV while visiting Paris. Of course here in the States, I only get the chance to view a match every two weeks or longer. A shame, really. I am looking forward to the Manchester United Arsenal match.

    Also, I am still trying to figure out how these football tournaments work. Again, difficult to find information here away from the action.

  7. How fun! I remember that Prague had four major league soccer teams. It got crazy watching all the matches as everybody was rooting for a different team :o)

  8. @ DL: I think my husband was disappointed too! You have to understand - the guy made me take him to Old Trafford on our honeymoon!! I will upload our pics for you one day.

    There are four major competitions. One is a points-based system (The Premier League), then you have the FA Cup which is a knockout league. You also have the Carling Cup which is also a knock out cup and then many of the big teams compete in Europe for the UEFA Champions League.

    Poor me - my husband watches every, single, last Man Utd game on TV plus Formula 1 matches and qualifying races!!

    @ Ivanhoe: Cool - I think I have heard of AC Sparta Praha before but I'll look out for more Prague teams in future.

  9. Bravo! Another Manchester United fan! ESPN airs UEFA Champions League, so that is what I have been watching for now. And I'm anxious for World Cup 2010!

  10. I didn't know you were an Everton supporter but I was SO GLAD to hear ManU got knocked out! Good show!

    I heard crybaby Ferguson blamed the pitch! What a whiner!

  11. @ DL: Ha! I'm just glad not to be in South Africa during the world cup next year! Tourism is great but it is usually better to be somewhere else when a couple of million people arrive in your city!

    @ Kathy: Hiya! Of course I am an Everton supporter. I have blue blood!! I have grown to accept United over the years but must tell you guys about the initial rivalry between my father and my husband!

    Ferguson has no one to blame but himself for putting on a b-grade side. What was he thinking??


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