Friday, 1 May 2009

And now for Friday's edition of “Ask the Internet”

It is my birthday on Tuesday and Stephen wants to buy me an iPhone. Yes, we still have money problems and no, I still haven't found a way to pay for accommodation when I go to New York in June.   Still, it is the thought that counts and Stephen is very thoughtful and loving and kind to think of such a nice gift.

The question is this though: do I even want an iPhone?  I want to be able to snap photos and blog them and check my email and surf the internet when I’m stuck in the car with Stephen.  I don’t want an iPod Touch because then you are limited to where and when you can access Wi-Fi.  I definitely want 3G or wap because O2 (aka best mobile provider in UK) gives me 1mb free browsing a month.  For just £7.50 I can add unlimited browsing too. 

So what would you recommend?

The photo above was taken in March 2009 on the way to work. It is a lovely little walk that I take through Guy's Hospital / Kings College London now that they closed the road I used to take. I'll take a couple of more photos in the next week to show oyu how interesting it is.


  1. Hi Emm! TGIF and a holiday here!!
    I would probably forget the Iphone and wait for the next super gadget. A nice excuse... ;))

    Blogtrotter is still turning around Vilnius. Enjoy and have a great long weekend!

  2. Two yoghurt cartons and a piece of string. It works and costs nothing!

  3. Happy almost birthday! I don't know about different iphones but my son has one and loves his. Me, I just have one phone.

  4. Save your money so you can pay for the accomodations. Priorities can be helpful. One doesn't need lavish gifts to know someone cares. Spend a special day together instead. Better pictures can be taken with a camera over a phone anyway; plus you can visit libraries and cafe's for internet access while you away.

    Have a good time, and Happy Birthday

  5. A friend at work has got an iphone and it's a great piece of kit can lose a phone but you won't forget the memories of a stay in a nice hotel in the old US of A.

  6. hey don't be hurry for iphone there r lots of other gadgets r in market go for any new one with having more function then iphone.

    its really sad to read that king college has closed the road, we used to hang up there.............

  7. Well, I gave up my blackberry late last year (ok, ok I smashed it in the car door... but I didn't replace it!) because I was a bit to wired into email etc. That being said, I do miss it sometimes.

  8. Well, I guess that is my decision made then... I decided not to get an iPhone but still don't have a new phone!! And I am SO not using string and yogurt cartons like Martin suggested!!


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