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Guest Post: New York Hostels

How exciting! Just as I was about to investigate hotels and hostels in new York, Laura from HostelBookers.com contacted me and we discussed a guest post on my blog.  As you probably know by now, I was really worried about finding accommodation in New York after plans to stay with friends fell through.  Well, thanks to this excellent article, the only problem I have now is which of these fantastic hostels to book with!
Enjoy the post – Emm
L Hostel
L Hostel in New York
Planning a city break on the cheap this summer? Well New York is a great budget destination, with bargain shopping, great museums and plenty of cheap eats, from the humble hot dog stand to huge sandwiches served at a local deli.
But the Big Apple is also famous for its overpriced and under-sized hotel rooms. My top tip for affordable accommodation in the city is to stay in a hostel. Even if you aren’t a backpacker, the humble hostel has had a revamp of late, as more and more travellers are cutting back, but still want stylish and affordable accommodation.
Hot on the heels of cool cities like Lisbon, Barcelona and LA, New York’s best hostels will banish any memories of cramped and dingy dorms, and endless queues for the bathroom.
Many New York hostels are housed in old apartment buildings or the traditional brownstone townhouses, so you are guaranteed larger rooms and surroundings with more character than your average faceless hotel chain. Of course not every New York hostel is a chic loft apartment, so here’s my guide to some of the best:
Although a ride in a yellow cab is a must when you visit New York City, no one wants to spend half their budget trekking across the city. The Times Square New Hostel is great value for its central location – just two blocks away from the hub of Times Square. The building is newly renovated with a homely atmosphere – the rooms are cool and modern and there’s a huge common room area with comfy sofas. This hostel has all the facilities of a hotel, with wireless internet, free coffee and tea, and flat-screen TVs with cable.
L Hostel
The terrace at L Hostel in New York
The ‘L’ in L Hostel stands for luxury – not a word you’d usually associate with budget accommodation! The hostel boasts that it offers ‘the most space per bed’ of any hostel. Housed in a beautiful old apartment building, the hostel is brand new, with a rooftop terrace and garden, private marble bathrooms and even penthouse suites with their own roof deck! Ideal for families with special ‘Family Suites’, there’s also a café and grocery, kitchen and barbeque for cutting down on food costs. This hostel blows all the other competition out the water – and rooms start at around $28 a night!
You can live like a real New Yorker at the New York Loft Hostel, with trendy loft apartments just 10 minutes from Union Square. The rooms are as cool as you’d expect – all exposed brickwork, stainless steel bunk beds and modern furniture, but there are loads of extra facilities at the hostel – an outdoor Jacuzzi, common room, free internet, flat screen TVs, and best of all, a hearty free breakfast to fuel you up for a day of sightseeing.
Travel Writer Lauren Smith works for HostelBookers, a Budget Accommodation site. She has been all over the USA, from New York to Nevada, and plans to road trip across America next year.


  1. Hey Emm...
    Please accept my apologies for that. That is why I added a shout box to my blog...so I can track bloggers down easily.I will definitely take your advice and join the connect :)

    In any event...I am planning a trip to New York in June...my first time there...so this post is awesome and helpful.
    Have a very nice day!

  2. Oh wow Dorothy - when are you going there? We should try meet for coffee as I am also going in June!

  3. That sounds great, Emm. Which one did you pick? You have to give us a report about it when you come back. I sure would want to try a hostel & save some money next time I'm in NYC :o)

  4. @ Ivanhoe: I'm leaning towards L Hostel at the moment but I shall see tonight! And of course I'll post about every single moment of my trip! I am going alone so it be very much be a trip about taking photos and sharing the experience!

  5. I was back and forth from London to New York visiting my Fiance. Now we are in Canada and just got married. God knows where He will take us next lol. I hope you found it all o.k NY is too noisy for me but it's fun for a short break.

  6. Emm having visited the Big Apple a few times I feel quite excited for you. NYC is such a vibrant city and the big "L" looks fantastic.

    I look forward to hearing all about it.

  7. What a great post! I didn't know there were nice, affordable accommodations in NY. I just assumed it would all be super expensive!

  8. A very informative guest post! Time Square is an excellent location, by the way--in the middle of everything. And $28 per night is really amazing. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to the Big Apple, Emm!

  9. Last time we went to NY we stayed at the Mayfair on West 49th; not quite as cheap as these hostels but very reasonable for a NY hotel. Anyway, New York is wonderful--just bring lots of money and be prepared to walk A LOT! Definitely a walking city.

  10. I am quite amazed how unseedy the place is. This picture of hostels had always painted a dirty type of place. You have repainted the picture in my head although gettgin the chance to visit there is quite remote.

    Another classic post Emm.

  11. A big thank you for this post. A good place to start when planning a visit.

  12. It makes me wonder how they do it, and how do regular hotels survive the competition, especially in the current climate?

  13. I am very surprised that this Hostel is so comfortable and lovely. That's not that easy to find in New York. Thanks for the tip Emm.

  14. Hey Emm...I have not yet booked anything. I do know it will be in the last week of June.
    That would be awesome if we could met up in NYC :)

  15. @ sen and qi: Hi! Congratulations on your wedding! Hopefully NYC won't be too hectic - I am only going for a week but I don't want to be overwhelmed! I doubt I will be but I remember once thinking London was too big!

    @ Mike: This is my first trip to the Americas and I am quite excited! I am sure it will be good - I was leaning towards the New York Loft Hostel - their photos on the website look good!

    @ Xoán-Wahn: Yes, this guest post actually saved my New York trip. I hadn't budgeted on accommodation as I was meant to be staying with a friend and when that fell through, I thought I couldn't justify £500 or so on accommodation. But it looks like it'll work now for less than £200 (hopefully).

    @ JaPRA: Well, I'll take a million photos and post all about my adventures, of course!

    @ Prodigal Tourist: Walking I can do - I walk a lot in London as it is! Generally speaking, I wouldn't hesitate to stay in a proper hotel but circumstances conspired against us here and I had to opt for a very cheap option or not go at all!

    @ Martin: Glad you liked it! We'll see how "unseedy" they are once I get back... I'll be sure to photograph with a critical eye!

    @ DL: Thank you! Perhaps one day I will be needing such a post for MN (I have a friend in St Paul).

    @ Sheila: That is a good question. I guess it has to do with sheer numbers of guests and not having to provide breakfast or other frills (I nearly spelt that thrills but that would have meant something else entirely!)

    @ Dr Lauren: Pleasure! I'll post about the "real" experience once I've visited.

    @ Dorothy L: I am also going last week of June - let's keep in touch about our plans!


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