Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Event: Race for Life 2009

I thought I'd take a quick break from my New York posts to give an update on the Race for Life that I did in May. It was a short 5km charity run in aid of Cancer Research UK.  This is a charity close to my heart because my Dad is a cancer survivor and I will be forever thankful that he beat cancer.  We were one of the lucky ones and prove that cancer CAN be beaten.  I love you Dad.

First of all, we met up with Stephen’s colleague Liz.

Liz, Stephen and some of Liz’s friends.  They call him “South African Steve”.

DSCF2322 DSCF2325
Me with Stephen and Rachael // My dedication

Bunny ears

Warm up // It took me a while to even make it through the starting line!

The race is a really emotional experience as people write down their dedications and there are so many stories of survival and loss.  Many people are running for children, parents, friends and loved ones and it is a moving experience.

I ran the City of London event by the London Wall.  Oh no! I didn’t get a photo of the London Wall.  I shall have to go back!  I did get some photos along the route though.

Lego buildings around the Museum of London

First glimpse of St Paul's Cathedral

The remains of Christ Church Greyfriars destroyed during the Blitz on 29 December 1940

Christ Church was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London and designed by Christopher Wren

St Paul's Cathedral

All that remains of St Albans Wood Street, another Christopher Wren design


This lady and her granddaughter were racing for the little girl’s mother who was a cancer victim.  They began to run at the 4km mark and I did too!  I couldn’t believe it but they inspired me and I just got an adrenalin rush! 


I finished in about an hour.  Maybe less if you consider how long it took to get over the start line!

If you would like to sponsor my race and donate money, you can do so by clicking the link below.  The money goes straight to the charity and does not pass through my hands!  Bloggers Singaporean in London and The Mexile have contributed (along with a couple of my generous friends and family). 

My target was first £20, then £50 and now I have increased it again to £100.  Please help me reach my target and donate to a worthy cause. 



  1. Ohh wow so pink! how I'd luv to join such an event!

  2. Aww... thanks for link Emm! My eyes hurt a bit from the 'pinkiness' of it all. Love the pic of Christ Church. Spent a number of afternoons on the benches outside it with my Neil Gaiman.

  3. What a great event - it was so neat that you took your camera with you. It could be the new type of tourist attraction - run in a race and see London all at the same time.

  4. That is an awesome event, Emm. We have a three-day walk here for Breast Cancer - 60 miles (20 each day). The participants must raise $2500 in order to walk. It for Susan Kolman Foundation and very successful.

  5. I just cried when I saw that girls pic with her mom on her shirt...caught me off guard really. great blog!! congrats on "blog of note" really wonderful photos thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks Emm for all the pics of England. I miss it so much. Will be visiting soon.

  7. @ Daisy: Heh. You should!

    @ C K: Oooh. Now I am jealous and want to sit there at lunch reading! I shall have to settle for Dickens's Little Dorrit prison yard.

    @ Julia: Ha! Every opportunity is a tourist op for me! :)

    @ Ivanahoe: That 3 day event looks awesome! Wow. I would love to do something like that!

    @ Jana: Thank you! Yes, it is a very emotional experience.

    @ Sargasso: Oh lovely. Do you have a blog yourself?

  8. Emm, beautiful images of an amazing city, love them all.

  9. I wish there was an event like this for Neurological research. I would def run it as my Mum died from a brain hemorrhage 3 years ago. Well done. I'm so glad your Dad has a happy story.

  10. @ Manmohan: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them.

    @ Adgirl: Aw, I'm sorry about that. Arrange your own fun walk / race! All you need is 5 friends each to raise a minimum of £20 each and then you've got a nice amount to donate to a charity.


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