Thursday, 5 November 2009

Halloween Haircut Horror!

I know Halloween is already a distant memory for some but I just had to tell the world of the horrifying experience I had on Saturday!  We got up bright and early and went to our usual restaurant in Dartford for a full English breakfast.  May I take this opportunity to present exhibit A, evidence of my very long hair that morning.

Emm with hair // Yummy breakfast // Mister Emm looking gorgeous

We go to the Wetherspoons in Spital Street, Dartford and I usually get a traditional breakfast for £2.69 and Stephen gets a large breakfast for £3.89.  It is so good that we go every single Saturday morning!  Anyway, back to Halloween… after breakfast, we went to the salon next door, Raw.


In retrospect, I should have realised something was up the minute I walked into the salon. 

I wasn't even perturbed when a witch came to pick Stephen up for his haircut!

It was around the time that I realised that The Devil was going to be doing my hair that  realised something was seriously not right.

I took one last look at Stephen stuck away in the corner with Liewe Heksie and I sat in the chair and resigned myself to my fate.


First, Her Devilness measured my hair to maximise the devastating effects of her actions, then she heartlessly chopped off my ponytail and held up her prize for all to see.

DSCF3624With an evil muah-ha-ha-ha, she put the final touches on her evil plan.


As you can see, I was devastated by the results.


With one last look at the hellish Alice in Wonderland, I finally made my escape!

The haunted Raw Salon looked so normal from the outside!

I hope you liked my little Halloween story!  The real tale is that I went to cut off my pony tail so that I could donate it to Banbury Postiche who make natural hair wigs for chemotherapy patients (amongst other uses).  I knew that Raw were also dressing up and raising money for charity that day and thought it would be a fantastic photo opportunity.  As first time clients, Stephen and I were each given a 30% discount which certainly helped towards the cost.  We needed a minimum of six inches of hair and we managed just over ten inches.  It was an absolutely amazing experience to finally cut it off as I have been trying for so long to grow it long enough.  Just in case my post was confusing, let me just say I was really happy with the haircut and this was the best salon I have ever been to!  They were so friendly and accommodating and I loved the massaging chairs in the hair washing room.

I’ve decided to also raise money for the NACCPO* and am asking people to sponsor me per inch of hair donated.

"The National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations (NACCPO) is made up of parent run organisations that have common aims of working together to support children and young adults with cancer" - NACCPO

There is no minimum donation and every little bit helps.  Remember to include your blog address in your message so that I can thank you and show your blog some link love!  The money donated doesn’t come anywhere near me and goes straight to the charity via JustGiving.  JustGiving give the full donation amount to the charity and make their money from Gift Aid which is the money made on tax breaks on donations from British residents.

Donating money is not the only way to help me.  You can also Stumble or Digg this article using the “share” button below or you can link to the post on Twitter or Facebook.  I don’t usually ask for so much attention but this is for a good cause!!!

I'd just like to express my thanks that my Dad has been clear of cancer for two years and that my Auntie Barbara has a good prognosis. We lost my step-Auntie Lorraine to this year after a long battle against lung cancer.



  1. What a cute hair cut and for such a great cause!

  2. Awesome! I did the same thing in May (11 inches). It's very weird after it all goes away though.

  3. My mom was also a chemotherapy patient 20 years ago so that I know clearly that natural hair wigs are pretty important for those who battle against cancers. You are so generous donating your precious real hair. Nice looking for your new style!

  4. I did this back in SA. Ask Chris how long my hair was and I went from hair about 45cm long to skinhead and donated it to a charity to make wigs. I cried when they did it but felt a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards. Cheers to you for doing this. - Clinton

  5. I love your wicked new 'do! Three cheers to you for doing this.

  6. Too cute and so admirable too! Great post!

  7. Emm, I quite like your shorter hair, girl!!!!

  8. Emm-When I saw the title of this post in my feed reader I just had to head on straight over!

    Great story and what a worthwhile cause-you and Stephen should be proud. BTW he looks a little unsure in the top photo.

    Also great pics.

  9. Great post Em (Lol) with a purpose too! Well done!

  10. My word, that's quite an exquisite breakfast. I love a traditional English breakfasy. No better way to start the day, I think. Once a week is best, though. ;)

  11. Pictures of your breakfast made me homesick for my full Irish breakfasts!

    Your hair looks grrreat!

  12. the hair looks fab - and what a great cause! i wouldn't have the patience to grow mine that long...

  13. I'll leave the ladies to comment on hair, I'll just say that's a great price for a breakfast, and a great way to start the weekend.

  14. Love the haircut! It look so fresh and really fits you well!

  15. I did the same thing for a group called Locks of Love here in the US! I was so upset when I first saw my really really short hair (I hadn't had it cut more than one/two inches in four years) that I cried...yeah, it was kinda stupid, but really! You get used to having your hair long and then when it isn't there :( I really like your hair short though, it's really cute!

  16. Hi! I've been busy last weeks improving my blog. You can see the result on the new domain: Let me know what you think.

  17. Hi Emm! Awesome post! I love the pics!! :)

  18. Wow, you are much braver than I would be and my hair is longer than yours. It was for a good cause though.

  19. Love this-very funny at the hair salon. Yours looks good and how cool to grow it for a good cause. The lady who cuts my hair told me the story of a young boy who grew his hair to donate it. He was only maybe 10 or 12. He sufferred through kids making fun of him and calling him a girl and all kinds of stuff just so he could do that. I was very impressed!

  20. oh my gosh! Your hair looks great! I just donated 6 inches to Locks of Love - I'm getting used to my new look.


  21. I wish I had enough hair to denote six inches. I could give 1 millimetre , which would leave me with 1 for myself. It seems like such a long time ago since I had lots of hair.

    Its good to see people doing their bit for worthwhile causes….

  22. Thank you, thank you for all of your comments! I must say, having my hair this short is a blessing now and I simply wash and go without waiting hours and hours for it to dry. I'll definitely keep it short from now on!!


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