Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ 1: Loved

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  1. Too cute :) I have kitties next to me and now I want to take their pictures!

  2. Gorgeous kitty!!! Tell me more about this wordless wednesday....

  3. What a cute distraction from blogging!

  4. Cats; my daughter adores them, they do nothing for me. Can't all be the same.

  5. Aaaaah a kitty.....or is it a glove puppet. I'm not overly keen on cats but kittens do look kind of cute.

  6. Emm, I love Summer which is the text revealed when I mouse over the pic.

    How do you get this to happen, when I mouse over my pics theres no words even though I have added alt text.

  7. awwww :) me love kitties! have 2 of my own!

  8. @ Steph: You should!! You're an awesome photographer, I'd love to see some of your pics of your kittens!

    @ Chen Yin Tzu: Yes! That is my baby Summer. She broke her leg last year and we had to amputate it!! Very sad. These were the previous entries on her:

    @ Gena: Do you mean the mem or this one in particular? I had a couple of photos I wanted to show off but never had a reason to so I thought I'd take part in this weekly meme. I just love that little loving look in her eyes - she was being so cute that night!

    @ Momcat: And she is indeed a distraction!!!

    @ Gaelikaa: Isn't she just?

    @ John: Of course we can't - and yet they love people who don't like them!

    @ Martyn: Not a glove puppet!! :)

    @ Mike: Isn't she an angel?? Yup - that is Summer. When you use the alt tag, do you put your words in inverted commas? so this read alt="Summer" Other than that suggestion, I don't know why it isn;t working for you because that is exactly how that tag is meant to work. Seriously!! Use Windows Live Writer - it makes it so easy and it will upload your photos either to your free account at Picasa or an ftp server if oyu have one.

    @ Ash: Will you bring them with when you come over?

  9. Hi Emm thanks for coming back to me on that one. Yes I do put the ALT in inverted commas but it doesn't work. Wonder if its something to do with the template code?

  10. What a face! Kisses to this sweet one.

  11. @ Mike: That is strange - perhaps it is the template... but then we both got our template from "our templates" didn't we?

    @ JaPRA: Heh. She'll love the kisses! She really is a little angel.

  12. @ nanangkuningan: I like her too!!!


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