Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weekend Snapshots ~ 1: Winter?

Sometimes I see something that I’d love to share but don’t really have a whole story for.  That is why I started taking part in the Wordless Wednesday group and I thought I’d occasionally share a little something on a Sunday because I often want to show people a snapshot of my weekend.

Winter in London

Despite being exceptionally grumpy on Wednesday, I have to concede that it is not quite winter here in London.  This was taken in Bexley on Saturday and although chilly, it was a beautiful, sunny morning.  We woke up this morning to a soaking wet and grey day; a typical one where I get nasty little looks from my cats as if I purposefully arranged a soggy day to irritate them.  But now as I sit in bed enjoying a cup of tea, I can once again see beautiful blue skies and sunshine outside.

December: sunshine and blue skies

See? Evidence.  According to Wikipedia, it makes more sense to regard winter as taking place from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox because those are the coldest months even though meteorologically, the winter solstice should equal mid-winter.  This is all very confusing for my South African brain where I considered summer to start mid-August and to end on my birthday in May. 

By the way, I’d like to state that I don’t often spend the whole of Sunday in bed in my pyjamas but that would be an outright lie.  I often do it.  I have made a concerted effort to spend less time on the internet lately though, especially on weekends.  That is going pretty well.

Today, however, I am consciously spending the day in bed as my back is really sore.  I have an old whiplash injury that flares up from time to time and I went for an emergency remedial massage last night and so my back is tender from all the work my therapist had to do.  She is really good though and I must go more often.  This is her website: Tranquility Spa.  She deserves a medal for being available at short notice in the evenings.

So back to yesterday then.

We went through to Bexley to watch Planet 51 at the cinema (which I reviewed over at Emm Media). 

Bomb fragment in Bexley

I’ve always found this little display fascinating and it makes me wonder how many more unexploded bombs and fragments are lying around England.

Hmmm.  Is it time for an afternoon nap yet?



  1. I love the weekend! I don't worry about work or making sure I'm showing up on time to fulfill someone else's agenda. It' about the only time I walk about in my pajamas all day or take naps nearly guilt free. :) It's fantastic!

    I hope your back gets to feeling better!

  2. Poor you, there's nothing worse than a bad back, I think, for dragging you down. It just niggles away. And good for you, lounging about in pyjamas - I haven't really got over something from my childhood that says I have to be up and about at a certain time. So my 9:30 start this morning has me feeling horribly guilty. For a minute or two anyway. :)

  3. I was walking past V&A the other day and only realised that they have left part of the western wall that was riddled with small craters left by exploding WWII bombs as they were - as a reminder of the war.

    Stood there and stared at the holes for awhile. It's like breathing in a piece of history.

    The weekend's weather could be better. Can't believe that it's over. Darn.

    Off to read the review for Planet 51!

  4. An interesting old bomb fragment. Yes, it does make you wonder how many more there are laying around the country. So sorry about your back pain but, what a great excuse for a massage! (looking at the positive side) Get well and have a fabulous week ahead. Give those kitties lots of sunshine! You know it's your fault! HA!

  5. Hey hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than "niggling pain" .... Love the idea of Weekend snapshots!!! Have a great week! Gena

  6. You have my sympathies re: your back. Mine has been bothering me a lot lately but I think it's just old age 8-) in my case.

    Beautiful blue skies! I have lots of London photos with sky like that and sometimes I get comments from people who think it's rainy and gray all the time there.

  7. I find the plaque about the bomb fragment fascinating. It seems to speak about the psychology of a people. The bombing, the War itself, is embedded into the British psyche -- part of the fabric, the identity, the worldview.

  8. Bomb fragments from the 2nd world war in London are quite common I would have thought comsidering the battering it got. Interesting that the put up a display up about this particular one. London on a sunny day is the way I remember the city, I never used to go in the rain! Hope the English damp and cold doesn't play your back up too much in the coming months. You need rakia and assprin Emm!

  9. I am adding an additional comment:

    Emm, please go to:

    I have something special for you...

  10. Hi Emm too hot to lay in bed all day on Sunday here I am afraid.

    I fancy there are a lot of bombs still buried under London given the amount dropped-interesting plaque though.

  11. Wow--are those blue skies over England? LOL

    I love all the signs in Europe reminding us of the past. There is one on a building not far from my house in The Netherlands that says it was a Jewish retirement home until the Germans closed it down in the early 1940s. I think it's an office building now.

  12. @ Claire: Heh, I am slowly learning that your type of weekend is the right type!

    @ Sheila: For so many years I had do be doing something all of the time so it is good to learn to relax now. Of course, that has happened by default with most of my friends in SA!

    @ C K: Oooo, is that V&A opposite the Natural History Museum? I must check it out!

    @ Carolyn: I know, I am a terrible mother! And thank you so much for the award and the encouragement!

    @ Gena: Glad you like it! I hope to keep it up on the less eventful weekends.

    @ Kathy: You comment has really made me sop and notice everytime it isn't raining now!! Thank you!

    @ Cassandra: You are so right. The culture here is still very conscious of the World Wars.

    @ Martin: Rakia indeed! The cold actually is fine, it is stress that is my biggest enemy!!

    @ Mike: You're wicked! In South Africa, I often used to lie in the shade under single white sheet on the hottest days. When I wasn't floating on a lilo on the pool that is.

    @ JaPRA: Hee hee - how many blue skies do you get!!?? That is interesting about the office building. You'll have to take a photo!


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