Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ 2: Grumpy

Grumpy Emm

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  1. This was taken today on my Nokia N70. I usually love the rain but today it just made me grumpy (and wet and cold).

  2. Wet, cold, AND dark--no wonder you're grumpy!

  3. That's looking just like here tonight :o)
    Hugs to you from a grumpy in Ohio,

  4. It's raining in New York today as well! Not a big fan of this weather!

  5. London winter!! :-) most ppl I know crib abt them... but I like even that part of London! sigh... I'm hopeless! :P

  6. Emm-wordless Wednesday-now I can think of one or two words to describe that scene!

    Now what was Wednesday like here lets sky, cool breeze to sway the hammock, a cool beer.........

  7. Hey Emm ... that was taken today ... as in daytime? WOW ... it was raining pretty much everywhere in New Zealand today too ... sigh

    Great to see you by the way :D

  8. Yeah it would make me grumnpy too - rain is one thing, but wet and cold ... well ..... keep warm, girl!

  9. Nothing wrong with grumpy; some of us old men see it as character forming.

  10. Oh it's just when it's cold AND wet AND windy that it's just not fun anymore.

    One does tire of being wet all the time. My fingers have started to shrivel ;-)

  11. A large pot of tea by a fire -- that's what you need, my bloggy friend. Maybe a nice slice of cake, too.

  12. Grumpy or's a very nice night shot! The rain water glistens in the lights...beautiful!

  13. I don't like the wet, cold, heavy rain while getting off the work. Is the weather in London usually raining? I as well as my daughter have a running nose these few days. Wear more clothing!!^^

  14. Totally understandable!German weather is totally unpredictable,and is making all of us grumpy down here as well;)

  15. It has been so very, very, wet recently! But at least reasonably mild for December, so I can tolerate it to some extent.

  16. @ Kathy: Actually, the one thing that doesn't bother me at first is the darkness. I find all the lights pretty! Of course, come January / February and I get a little tired of it!

    @ Ivana: Hee hee. It's nice to be grumpy together!!

    @ Lilian: Really? Isn't rain so much better when you're inside in bed??

    @ Ash: I absolutely know what you mean. When I was in South Africa, everything about England, be it rain or greasy fish and chips, made me want to come back even more. And now I feel that way about New York!

    @ Mike: Meany! I'm not even mollified that it becomes unbearale in summer because somehow I love it like that!

    @ Suzy: Ha! Yes. It was around 5pm I think. The sun goes don at 3:30pm in winter!!!

    @ Gena: That was the best thing about Jo'burg. As a rule, when it rained it was warm!!!

    @ John: Aaah, you don't have to be old. My 31-year-old husband definitely subscribes to your school of character building!

    @ JaPRA: Oh no! I must say, I mostly manage to stay dry-ish but Wednesday wasn't one of those days.

    @ Cassandra: Excellent idea - great minds think alike!

    @ Carolyn: Thank you!!

    @ Chen Yin Tzu: Oh, I always dress up warm. Don't want to get flu!! It must be hard travelling with Bamboo in the rain! I'd say it rains about 50% of the time at the moment.

    @ Cheh: Hi! I'm very lucky living in the South East of England though - our weather is better than the rest of UK and certainly better than much of Europe.

    @ Sheila: I know! I keep saying to myself how relatively nice and warm it is and then i think of global warming and then I remind myself it is not actually winter yet!!


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