Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ 5: Constructing Glory

Olympic stadium

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  1. This is part of the construction at the Olympic complex in East London.

  2. I was going to guess that it was a stadium, but your comment above already confirms that. Interesting picture.

  3. As a UK taxpayer I hope it's all worth it!

  4. Is everybody getting really excited about the Olympics?! It will be here, or there, before you know it. I can hardly wait to watch the coverage and see all the London landmarks!

  5. I remmeber work had started in the tube stations even as early as 2008 when i was leaving London.

    I hope they plan for it better than they are planning for the Commonwealth Games in India :-/

  6. Neat picture! I'm looking forward to seeing the best of London during the Olympics.

  7. I love the contrast against the moody sky!!!! Mandy have a great new year!!! hugs, gena

  8. Emm, Hope you had a lovely Xmas.
    Here's hoping everything comes true in 2010:)
    Have a very happy New Year!!

  9. I hope the London Olympics do not bankrupt the UK like the 2004 ones bankrupted Greece...Oh, I forgot - we are already bankrupt!

  10. Fabulous.

    A belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, Emm!

  11. Fantastic shot! Only two more years now, to get it all finished.

  12. @ Turnip: Hiya! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yup - it is part of the Olympic complex. The Husband says probably a biking circuit.

    @ Keith: As a London ratepayer, I doubt it.

    @ Kathy: Not half as excited as South Africans are for the World Cup. It has all become pretty political here.

    @ Ash: Logistically, I think they are planning it very well but it does tend to all be a waste of money, doesn't it?

    @ Erin: Unfortunately, most of the Olympic sites are well out of the centre of London but I am sure all the news crews will take a tour around!

    @ Gena: Aaah, that is England for you - it was blue skies and sunshine 5 minutes before. A good New year to you too!

    @ Betty: Thank you!

    @ Nikos: is London already bankrupt???

    @ Cowgirl: And to you too!! I look forward to your posts this year!

    @ Sheila: I do hope they'll get it all finished.... but I'm sure they will. More so than South Africa!


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