Saturday, 9 January 2010

Four days in South East England

Greenwich Observatory London Natural Hisotry Museum

London Science Museum Dover Castle

In October, my friend Patrick came to visit from South Africa for a couple of days.  I’d always promised that I’d start posting about our four days together when I finished blogging about New York and we all know how that went!  Thankfully, the weather was abysmal for most of his time here except for the first afternoon, so hopefully the photos won’t look too incongruously sunny!

Patrick’s primary purpose for being in London was to visit The Amazing Meeting which was a sceptic's conference.  Personally, I believe that sceptics apply as much magical thinking, zealousness and blind faith to their beliefs as do the spiritual and religious people they mock but Patrick and I don’t let that get in the way of our friendship!

I’ll try not to let my posting of the four days that we spent travelling around drag on for too long.  Patrick is hoping to come back in September after all!

Over the next week or so I’ll post about our trips to:

  • Greenwich Observatory
  • London Science Museum
  • London Natural History Museum
  • Dover Castle
  • Wicked
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    1. are you planning to visit oxfordshire or lowestoft, suffolk in the near future? hope to see some photos of these places to bring back my memories.

    2. And I thought this was going to be about the snow!! :) I look forward to seeing the posts - I haven't been to Dover Castle or the two museums in years, and Greenwich is somewhere I'd love to visit.

    3. Hey Emm, thanks for the comment :) Its great having friends to show around eh! You get to be a tourist again.

    4. Quick Question.

      What do you mean by the term "magical thinking" as used in the above post?

      "zealousness" I can accept, in a way.

    5. I am looking forward to your next posts!

    6. Sounds like you're having a grand time--can't wait to get back to England and join you in some picture-taking!

    7. Ah, the Natural History of my absolute favorite places!

    8. @ Agnes: Hiya. I visited a couple of times in the past couple of years. If you click on this tag, it will take you to all the posts: Oxford. No plans to visit Suffolk just yet.

      @ Sheila: Ha! I like having something other than the weather to post about. Although, I never tire of posting about warm, beautiful weather.

      @ Lost: heh! I am the eternal tourist!

      @ Patrick: It is hard to explain and I wasn't really thinking of you when I said that but I was just referring to the idea that "if I can't see it, it isn't there" is as much based in faith as "it is there because I believe it is there". I get the idea that we don't completely comprehend the human condition and our world and gravity and electricity aren't going to be the last great discoveries in our experience.

      @ Ellen: Thank you dear!

      @ Prodigal Wife: Do you have plans to come soon??

      @ Cowgirl: Oh cool, hopefully my post will do it some justice.


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