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Weekend Snapshots ~ 2: London

Yesterday I went to The Crosse Keys Pub in the City of London for a Camera Settings Workshop.  Run by The Photo School, this was the second of their courses I’ve done, the first one being their Creative Composition Course back in August 2009.  The course was only £30 for three hours and I really learnt a lot about what my little point-and-shoot camera can do. As you’re encouraged to really play around with your settings, the photos tend not to be as creative as the previous course.

Crosse Keys PubCrosse Keys Pub
The Crosse Keys

I learned to play around with the ISO settings on my camera and am finding it much easier to take photos inside or in artificial light.

Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market

I'm also finding it easier to bring out the colours in dull light or cloudy conditions.  Which is a good thing if you live in the Capital of Unsunny.

The Crosse Keys Crosse Keys

The Crosse Keys is such a gorgeous pub, I’d really recommend that you take a visit up there if you are ever in the vicinity of St Pauls or Monument. As I had gone through Leadenhall Market and around "The Gherkin" last time, I headed south toward Monument this time.


I spent the rest of the practical time playing around with the white balance and programme modes on my camera and trying to capture a little of the essence of London for those who have never visited here before.

London Black CabsLondon Black CabsLondon Black CabsLondon Black Cabs 

Not all black cabs are black…

DSCF0139 DSCF0137

...but many of the buses are red (playing around with motion and the Sports mode).

Old Victorian Conveniences

Just what is the essence of London?

London Underground London BridgeLondon

Red post boxThe essence of London is not limited to one area or place.  It is something that can be seen anywhere in the city but which is so unmistakeably London.  London Underground roundels, black taxi cabs, red buses and the bollards.  I love this city.  Red post boxes are unmistakeably England though, aren’t they?  I must take the time out to capture a red telephone box as well one day.  Although they are less common these days, you can find them if you look for them.

After the course, I got really, really lost trying to find my way back to Cannon Street Station.  That’ll teach me to be lazy!  I know the way back to London Bridge which is where a non-lazy Tourist would have been walking.

The Royal Exchange

Bank of EnglandLondon Magistrates Court  

It was only when I found myself outside the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England that I realised I’d taken a wrong turn and so I ducked past the London Magistrates Court and found my way back to Cannon Street.  Not a moment too soon either, it was rather cold yesterday!



  1. I think it is so fun taking pictures in a big city. It looks like you were having a ball. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Sorry I'm late but a summer riding accident had actually put me out of commission longer than I would have liked.
    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year
    All the best for 2010

  3. really gorgeous photos <3
    sounds like it was an awesome / educational class to take!

  4. All you can see on London's streets is the essence of the city for me. Especially the wonderfully maintained public loos--love the ornate fencing!--and the tube roundels.

    All the pix made me very "homesick!"

  5. I'm really happy to see you taking the next step away from the "point & click" that most of us tend to leave our camera on.

    ISO is good, but once you go there the manual mode isn't far behind. :)

    Great shots Emm!

  6. Emm I love the photos of the cabs, especially the black and white one. The red London buses make a really good shot and I can imagine a lot of your overseas readers will enjoy them, aren't they what London is all about.

    I really must delve into the net and find out more about the settings on my camera because taking a really neat photo gives you a lot of inner satisfaction. It does me anyhow.

  7. How did you catch the moment the cars, buses moving and the photos are still clear? By the way, I really love the photos the cars and buses running on the road!! NIce shots!!

  8. I hope I can visit London someday. I love the architecture and the gardens.

  9. I enjoy visiting London with you...virtually as it is. Here I though my city was the capitol of nonsunny days. Fun to take those photography classes and learn together.

    Sorry, I've Tagged you; check my Monday's post. No need to participate.

  10. I enjoyed looking at all the photos.

    I think my fave is the shot of the Magistrates Court. I like the angles on that one.

  11. I've been to St Paul's ... but never to this pub. Now I know! :-)

    And lovely pics btw! Keep on pracitising... they'll only keep on getting better :-)

  12. HI Emm, you are spoilt for choice for an essential London picture in the Capital's centre. You have quite a few already on this trip form what I see. Your photographic course is a lifetime education you will never forget and of course be rewardded with much better pictures.

  13. Your pictures look so inviting. I hope to go to the UK one day.

    Last week, I was able to travel to one of my dream spots -- you know, those places on your list of things to do before you die. It was . . . well, it was beyond words.

    I am writing about it all week at The Moonboat Cafe. I think you'll like it.

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on Apple Pie. It's funny to me that you visit Apple Pie even though you aren't homeschooling -- although I must say I LOVE having you stop by anywhere and leave me notes! From what I have gleaned in your posts, I expected that Moonboat would be the only blog of mine that would be of interest.

  14. Fantastic photos, London looks like a great place to explore with a camera. I really ought to take a short photography course one day.

    We have a few red phone boxes in Boston :-)

  15. Great pics! I love London. I love just walking around and seeing everything. Of course things are a bit better in the summer when the wind and rain aren't so sharp!

  16. Great photos! Now, I'm totally missing London :)

  17. @ AVCr8teur: Yes, I love cities and wonder if i could ever live in a small town or go completely back to the suburbs.

    @ Baron: I missed you too! I hope you are better now and look forward to your irreverant posts as always!

    @ Laura: Hiya! Pleased to meet you - you like good music! Yes, they have four different classes on the go at the photo school and they are definitely worth it.

    @ Kathy: I so know what you mean! I struggle to see pics of new York without feeling "homesick" and I was only there a week!

    @ Phoenix: You are so right - all of my photos this weekend were on manual.

    @ Martyn: I totally agree! I've become almost obsessive in "getting" this photography thing and it is a great feeling to know that you're improving!

    @ Ellen: That was simply using the sports setting! They taught us to pan along with the moving item and then shoot. I was very happy with the results!

    @ Gena: Thank you sweet girl!

    @ Dio: Oh, you must visit. I would love to see your photos!

    @ Rob: Right - I'm a little behind but am off to your blog now... Isn't it nice to travel around other people's cities?

    @ MothMan: I liked the mag court too - I love buildings like that.

    @ Ash: Thank you kindly!

    @ Martin: I absolutely agree - it is incredibly rewarding.

    @ Cassandra: Oh! Well, I guess you educate me too and in a small sense, we do similar things in that I am always trying to teach people about my world in my blogs.

    @ John: I must keep in touch as I hope to visit up in your area later in the year. I have a friend in Grimsby - that is nearish, isn't it?

    @ Claire: In the past, I would have been inclined to agree but nowadays I try ot enjoy the winter months as well as the sunny ones!

    @ Brooke: Thank you! You should come back!


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