Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 6: Winter Sun

Winter Sun

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[Yes, yes, I'm aware I posted photos of the snow barely an hour ago but I so wanted to share this beautiful scene that I witnessed last week...]



  1. The winter sun is cold but still beautiful

  2. Emm whilst I don't miss the snow I do miss chilly blue sky days in winter. Looks great for a walk.

  3. there's only so much snow u can take... 3-4 days of continual snow and u'd want bright skies as these, even if the weather maybe chilly!

  4. I love winter sun! It always brings the feeling of happiness as same as the brightness from the darkness!

  5. Stunning! Great shot :) Happy Wordless Wednesday

  6. Lovely! I like the white bark against the blue sky.

  7. I always find beauty in the starkness of winter.

  8. Stunning shot - and what a contrast with the snow pictures! :)

  9. Hi Emm :) That is a lovely picture for Wordless Wednesday! The trees just look so majestic and play nicely off the blue sky. Very nice. I hope you enjoyed your WW.

  10. Some sort of birch trees? Those are beautiful. They look as though they'd sway easily in the wind. Nice pic!

  11. @ Momstart: Definitely still cold!

    @ Mike: Ha! I keep walking to a minimum. Lying in bed daydreaming and looking at the blue sky? I do a lot of that.

    @ Ash: I don't mind snow at all. It has been snowing for a week and then we had rain to wash it away which is great because it is the sludge that I usually don't like.

    @ Bamboo's Mummy! I agree - blue skies and sunshine chase away the winter blues.

    @ Gena: Thank you!

    @ Missy Jane: Happy WW to you too!

    @ Beth: I agree - I think it was the contrast that first caught my eye.

    @ Glamah: Hiya! Thanks for popping by - I love your blog! I like the starkness as well and I also like the unexpected.

    @ Sheila: I promised to take as many blue sky photos as possible! It helps chase away the winter blues! Naturally, I've not been so lucky this week.

    @ Gnomey: Thank you! Yes, i have really come to like WW.

    @ Holly: Hiya! Yes, I think they are birch but they can be quite sturdy too!

  12. Flowbee - I think you will find that my patience knows no bounds. You can continue to spam my blog all you want and I will simply continue to delete your stupid messages.


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