Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 7: Blue

Blue snow

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  1. It's been snowing for a week here! I have tw actual Londoners at work (the rest of us represent the United Nations) and they can't remember anything like this since they were children in the 60s!

  2. In the 15 years that I lived in London, I only experienced 'real' snow once - about a foot, late afternoon in December (2003 I think?) but by the next morning it was just black ice and sleet.

    I'm a little bit jealous.

  3. Is that snow in London? I didn't think it ever snowed that much there. Here in Virginia, ours is almost melted now, just in time for the next storm coming in a few days! Lovely photo.

  4. Thank God, it's on the thaw!

  5. Emm, as we were heading towards Christmas, my kids asked me if it was gonna snow and I told them that we live in a country that rarely experience snow and the chances of snow during Christmas day are like 0%. They seem disspapointed and I have told myself that I have to take them to the likes of the US during Christmas in years to come. I have to admit that I would also love the experience.

  6. I'm glad the sunshine pic could cheer you up, but on the other side of the coin, I would love to experience a bit of snow like this. Maybe not all the time, but at least a bit.

  7. Emm I had to think for a second as to whether I was looking out my bedroom window. Smashing photo.

  8. It snowed again here yesterday afternoon, but hardly any settled. :-( I hope we have some for the weekend!

  9. Yikes more snow!!! winter is being a wee bit relentless not so!?
    Gena @ thinking aloud

  10. The bluishness definitely makes it even colder. It's days like that which makes one want to stay indoors.

  11. Emm, thank you so much for stopping by. I am so sorry I am such a slacker lately, I don;t mean to be. They are going to work on getting them straightened around for me, but I will still have to have surgery again someday. It is so nice to see you, we had snow like that like 2 weeks ago, man it was bad here.



  12. I know!! London and snow and that too for this long?? Its like unbelievable!!

  13. Hi Emm! Sorry for the delay, but a new year always brings new troubles... ;)
    Brrr.... Too cold!! ;)

    Meanwhile a new blog is born: Blogtrotter Two! Hope you enjoy at least as much as the previous version and look forward to reading your comments!
    Have a great Sunday!!! Gil

  14. Ah the white conservatory on the back of the house. It can only be England...
    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  15. @ Delboy: 15 years in London!!! That is a long time. You barely count as South African anymore!!

    @ Joy: You're right! It hardly ever snows this much in London. It certainly isn't meant to snow each winter and it has snowed each year that we have been here!!

    @ John (I Love Old Cameras): We were lucky! It rained and melted away in an afternoon. I'm not a fan of the thaw.

    @ Pule: Oh, poor things! I hope you get to take them to the US one day! Have you been?

    @ Firefly: It can be nice... in small doses.

    @ Martyn: Hee hee! I think you should post a photo of your window view.

    @ John (English Wilderness): Ha! I like to wear fancy heels on weekends so was happy the snow was gone by then! Heels + snow = not good.

    @ Gena: I think the snow was exciting though and seemed to give us something to marvel about. Blue Monday (this past Monday) certainly wasn't as bad as usual. But you'll see, winter lasts well into March / April.

    @ AVCr8teur: :o) I spent the day working in bed!

    @ The Ancient Digger: Thnak you!!

    @ Jodi: Don't ever apologise. We just all do our best, don't we?

    @ Ash: Definitely! It was fun!

    @ Trotter: Yay! A new blog!

    @ Expat Mum: It's a pleasure! Thank you for popping by here.


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