Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 8: Green




  1. Hi Emm still trying to figure out what sort of car it is.

    Wish it was wordless Wednesday here since the music and singing started at 6am as someone is having a Buddhist ceremony at their home.

  2. I love how individual old cars look compared to modern cars which all look the same.

  3. very nice. Love those old cars. That one looks in mint condition.
    Your link to My WW.

  4. Gorgeous ! Love the vibe of this photo..beautiful scene!

  5. The old ones had so much style, the newer ones all look alike!

  6. This shot brings music to my lips. I found myself making noises that would imitate the music I would be playing if I were cruising down the road in this beauty. Thanks for sharing the shot.

  7. What a great car and night shot! The car appears to be in mint condition...I wonder who it is waiting for?

  8. It's a classic. Someone has kept it in a great condition to show it off.

  9. Hey everyone! It is a 1951 Nash. What a beaut!!

    @ Mike: Hahaha! One day when I retire somewhere warm, I know I am going to miss my silent train rides.

    @ John (DailyPhotoGallery): That is sooo true. Cars today just completely lack individuality and wonder.

    @ John (I Love Old Cameras): Isn't it just!

    @ Auntie E: Certainly - someone has gone to a lot of trouble to keep it looking so good.

    @ Kiki: Thank you and thank you for popping by!

    @ Suzy: Agreed!

    @ Erik: Oh! I think it was parked outside a blues club too!

    @ Carolyn: Oh thank you! I struggle so with night shots!

    @ AVCr8teur: Yes, they must constantly give it TLC!

  10. Classical car with a great color. Nice car. I like to ride such old model cars. Its very stylish

  11. @ Mark: Gosh, I don't think I have ever ridden in a car like that!

  12. I know nothing about cars, but I know what I like. I would drive it.

  13. @ Lauren: Aaaah, I'd rather sit in the back and enjoy it!!


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