Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 9: Tube

London Underground

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  1. I love this. I suppose if I had to maneuver my way through a tube station everyday I would hate it, but right now... I miss it.

  2. i really like this photo! <3

  3. I love London! I enjoyed being able to walk around the city, jump on the tube and walk some more...nice memories you have brought back!

  4. let me guess - charing cross??

  5. Ahh, the tube. How I miss my Miami Metro. It was gritty and gross and hardly ever on time but it made me feel like a city boy. Now I just have to walk everywhere, which makes sense as Santiago is fairly small. I guess it's better for my body, though.

  6. More memories of home.... later this year we hope to return

  7. Hi Emm, some great pictures here, especially like the Old Victorian Conveniences. Think you've set yourself quite a challenge there with "What is the essence of London". The old green Cabbie's canteens are great to take pictures of, if it's still there, there's one with a nice setting off Oxford Street down Harewood Place into Hanover Square and if you want some red phone boxes you mych visit Kingston upon Thames.

  8. Ahhhhhhhhh! I would LOVE to be able to take a tube to work here in benighted Texas instead of having to drive! I hope you Londoners know how lucky you are!

  9. Best part about London is the tube network, I often used to go for a ride just for the hell of it when I was young. I'd buy a ticket for one stop and travel all around the circular line +1! I dont' think you can do that on the tube nowadays though.

  10. the tube...:-)
    wahhh miss it :-(

  11. Emm thanks for giving me happy memories. Your photo reminds me of boarding the train at Heathrow to travel to Terminal 4, from there it's off to Thailand. Cheers.

  12. Beautiful..I love the pale subtle very cool! I also love the perspective angle..vibrant and lovely!

  13. Train stations and airports signify adventure and excitement to me. This station looks so new and clean.

  14. Very nice picture, but a word of caution to anyone who wants to do the same,.. you can get a good scolding now days from the authorities, as I did in a Bucharest metro station for taking a picture.

  15. A perfect picture for wordless Wed. London Underground on a regular basis has me lost for words....!

  16. That's a cool photo. We have the tubes here in San Francisco as well though I've never liked them because I'm always afraid I'll get stuck in one during an earthquake. I like the buses on surface streets much better.

  17. I just like the sign that says "Way out", as if it's the only way or you'll be trapped forever.

  18. You have absolutely the best photos of any blog I read so the classes are working! I took a photo class back before digital and have forgotten everyhing I learned. Teenager will be in college next year so I will have lots of time so plan to take some classes. I love the car photos-you don't see those types of cars in the US for sure!

  19. Missy you should have a wee trip to Miami you will see dozens of cars like that....

  20. I have only been on the tube once when i visited london. its similar to our tram we have in the west midlands! very cool !

  21. I love this picture.

  22. The Tube is part of my life, twice a day, 5 days a week. It's pretty handy, but the endless weekend engineering works are annoying.

  23. Oh dear... I think I should have kept to my promise of not blogging before I respond to comments! I always forget how busy the bstart of the year is once I've finished with year end. Back on my horse ladies and gentlemen!!

    @ Claire: Thankfully i don't ride on it every day so I do get to appreciate it!!

    @ Laura: Thank you! I was quite happy with it too.

    @ Carolyn: Yes, it is the big appeal of London over Johannesburg - public transport.

    @ Revivor: Yes! Well spotted.

    @ Xoán-Wahn: Hmmm, did I know Miami has a metro? Has it been featured in any films. I am sure I should have known that...

    @ Dragonfly lady: I hope you return too!

    @ Jason: Isn't Kingston Upopn Thames just gorgeous???

    @ Kathy: Well, I certainly appreciate it!! We had to drive everywhere in Johannebsurg too.

    @ Martin: I think you're right - I think the Circle Line is not a circle anymore.

    @ Ash: Come back!!!

    @ Martyn: Jealous. :(

    @ Kiki: Thank you! I like the reflections too.

    @ AVCr8teur: They are a lot cleaner than New York looked but I still carry hand sanitiser with me! Those things make me excited too!

    @ Paul: You are right - it is not actually legal to take photos in the London underground but much easier to do surrepticiously with an LCD display.

    @ William: Hahahah! Agreed. And I'd love to go to Miami or Cuba too for old cars.

    @ Jo: Oh my... now that you mention it, I think I would avoid them too.

    @ Lauren: Bwahaha. Yes, it sometimes does feel as if you'll never excape.

    @ Missy: Aaaah, you're lovely. <3

    @ Tina: Hey! I never knew you were in West Mids! We have an office in Birmingham.

    @ Julia: Julia! Is that you?? Are you back??? Yayness.

    @ Ben: I agree 100% and I think they are killing tourism and should be banned. They are killing the O2, that is for sure.

  24. I have enjoyed looking at your photos, i have lived in central London all my life and It's great to see someone so enthusiastic about living in this great city...thanks.


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