Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 10: Hero

Grandad's Medals

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  1. My Dad took this photo. These are my Grandad's medals.

    "From left to right The 1939-1945 Star, The Atlantic Star with France and Germany Bar, The Africa Star with North Africa Bar, The Pacific Star, and The 1939-1945 War Medal. Bottom right is the Veterans Medal. Center bottom is the Fleet Air Arm Wings which Dad wore on the arm of his uniform. The two small pieces bottom left are my Dad's service medal with BICC Prescot (40 years in the factory) and his British Legion badge."

    More tomorrow!

  2. Something to be very proud of.

  3. Wow, that's impressive.

    Thank you for explaining the medals.

  4. Emm my Mum and Dad were in the RAF in WWIIMum still keeps the campaign medals they had.

    I actually have two medals myself-A GSM(General Service Medal) from my days in Northern Ireland during the conflict and a Police Medal for long service-not quite the same as our relatives though!

  5. Emm -- so very cool. thank you for sharing, and thanks to your dad for his service to his country (and to the West!). my Uncle Don won the Silver Star (a fairly big deal to us yanks). Hero indeed! -Jg.

  6. You must be very proud Emm!
    My granddad also had loads of medals which we used to see and handle when we were children, but they got stolen from his London home unfortunately. Insurance can't pay enough for these kind of possessions. Make sure your Granddad's treasure are kept safe and secure Emm.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post with us, Emm
    Betty xx

  8. What illustrious forebears! You are rightly very proud of them. My mom made a case for my dad's WWII medals that shows them off very well. I think that's the best way to preserve them for the younger generations. The kids ask about them, then the stories can flow.

    And the old pictures are beautiful! I find the older *I* get the more I enjoy looking at old photos, even if I don't know the people. Wonder what that's about? 8-)

  9. @ Carolina Mountains: Thank you!

    @ Paul: I agree!

    @ Sixmats: It is a pleasure. I don't think we always fully understand that each medal on a veteran's jacket is for a different event.

    @ Mike: Really? Wowsers! I'm sure you're proud of your parents but I did not realise you did service yourself. Perhaps you could consider giving me an interview one day about your time in Northern Ireland.

    @ Fatscribe: Wow - the silver star? Thnak you to your uncle!

    @ Betty: and thanks for reading sweets.

    @ Kathy: That is lovely - you must take a photo of them one day too! I've always liked looking at old pictures. Even in historical books, I just love the photos as opposed to the drawings and linographs. (Is that the right word, "linograph"?)
    @ martin: Oh no! Insurance absolutely can't cover that type of thing. :(


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