Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 12: Me Time

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  1. I had some time to kill last night before meeting Ste our theatre date. So I went off to Costas and indulged in my three favourite things: hot chocolate with cream, wafer and a book.

  2. I love this photo, Emm!
    It looks like a nice Me-time!
    Betty xx

  3. Mmm, that looks so good I feel like I could reach out and grab it.

  4. ooh, i love these wordless wednesday posts!
    really lovely :)
    looks like you had some really nice me-time!

  5. Looks fantastic, though I'd probably choose a different book :-)

  6. Perfect WW post--and you actually made it wordless (so few people do!). I'm with John--probably would pick a different book but other than that...I'm in!

  7. not been much of a costa fan but this looks yum! :)

  8. What a wonderful time spent with OWN self! Way to go, girl!

  9. That's a cool shot! I like both the drink and the book :) I want to thank you because I joined Wordless Wednesdays after clicking the link in your blog. It will surely help me to post more often!

  10. I hope you got through more of the book than the wafers (think calories)and didn't forget to wipe off your foam moustache before walking out into the high street.

  11. Yum yum! I like hot chocolate too. Sorry for long time absence. It is not allowed being on line while in the office on that I just would be on line on weekend at home.

  12. I thought I recognized that hot chocolate ;-)

    And I enjoyed that book...

  13. I love this! Looks like a good time to me!

  14. @ Betty: heh. My "me time" is precious to me.

    @ Lauren: - mine!!

    @ Laura: I like them too. It gives you a chance to give a little snapshot of your daily life.

    @ John & ProdigalWife: Now that I've read it, I'd have to agree. I'd also choose a different book!

    @ Ash: really? I think Costa is much better than Starbucks and the other places.

    @ Carolyn: Working in an open plan office and sharing a small house with a husband and four pets, I have really come to treasure my alone time!

    @ Fullet: I am so glad you decided to do Wordless Wednesday too!

    @ Gaelikaa: It was indeed!

    @ Martyn: There was absolutely no foam left to spare, I can tell you that!! And of course I gobbled up all the wafers, I always do.

    @ Ellen: Oh! That is horrible - why would they take away your internet access??

    @ JaPRA: Heh. Costas are very cool - I like their lopsided saucers.

    @ Missy: "Me time" is always a good time!

  15. I like the elegance that the book conveys and the sensuality of the hot chocolate. I had Mexican Hot Chocolate yesterday on the sunny terrace and read Paul Coelho's The Alchemist.


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