Thursday, 18 March 2010

Calling All Successful People

Guiding Lights

This has got to be the easiest, quickest and least expensive way of helping young children and teenagers.  The Department for Children, Schools and Families in England has started a project called Guiding Lights.  The aim is to inspire young children and teenagers to follow their dreams and to take the career path that most appeals to them.  This is achieved by encouraging people to write about their own success stories and to give tips and hints on how to get into various industries.

Apparently, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, world-famous architect and Gherkin creator Lord Foster, television journalist Donald Macintyre and lots of other interesting and successful people have already got involved and posted stories on the site.

I’ve often noticed how crazy clever and successful some of the friends I’ve made here on the Blogosphere are so why don’t you take five minutes out of your day to visit the site and share your success story.

They are currently seeking input in all of the following industries:

The Creative Industries
Green Technology
Social Business
Personnel and Development
Environmental Health
Veterinary Profession
Nursing and Midwifery

I think it is a fascinating project and in the future, I hope to find out more about the project and how the DCSF has involved their partners.



  1. Emm a great idea indeed. Pity they don't have a category for retirement!

  2. Yes, a good idea, but I can't help either. Anything I've done, I've somehow fallen into by accident!

  3. Great idea but somehow i am also agree with Sheila to some extent

  4. @ Mike: But you could post about being in the police or army couldn't you??? It is all about the inspiration even if the process is different this century (just kidding!)

    @ Sheila: I've also fallen into stuff or rather, fallen out of it due to cluelessness and a lack of role models. The nice thing about this site is that many of the people mention only going into the professions in later life. Maybe you could talk about researching and being a historian?? We often undervalue what we do.

    @ Travelling Rants: perhaps you can write about being a photographer??

  5. This is a great idea. I just love things that help young people :)

  6. @ Dori: Me too! Will you tell your success story?

  7. Mm, sadly I can't help. My expertise is in restaurant ownership and being a Chef.

  8. But Lauren, that is exactly the type of thing they need to know! Tell them how to get into the restaurant business!

  9. A great idea to help and inspire young children to find a way to make their dreams come true. But it is a pity I don't have any successful businesses to share with!

  10. Hello again, Emm.

    Again, one of your topics aligns with mine. This time, in the area of renewable energy. In my blog, Energication, I post items of interest regarding renewable energy through the lense of an educator or a student. One of the most important things I learned during my eight years as a School Board Member was that our curriculum must be RELEVANT for our students to properly engage.

    My hope is that casting renewable energy developments in an educator's "light" will bolstering renewable energy education in our schools - schools located anywhere in the world!

    I'm on my way right now to Guiding Lights!

    Best regards,


  11. @ Ellen: I'm sure you have something to share! What work do you do?

    @ Dave: Did you fill out anything at Guiding Lights?


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