Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 14: Finally

Homeward Bound

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  1. This one might need some explanation! Last Thursday, there was a fire at London Bridge so i could only catch a train to Lewisham. All of the buses to the City from there were full so I caught a bus to New Cross and then boarded a 343. The 343 has a long, windy route to the City so it was quite a while before I started seeing signs that I was nearing my destination. After travelling for 2.5 hours, I saw that i was close to London Bridge. Finally!

  2. Public transportation is a dream... until something goes wrong. But glad you found a way to amuse yourself on the looooong commute :-)

    Hope the fire wasn't too bad. Do they know what caused it?

  3. I hate to be dense, but what is that exactly?

  4. For people who deal with it everyday, it probably becomes dull. However, for someone who has virtually no public transportation in her town - it's almost thrilling. I miss it (the tube more than the buses).

    P.S. Thank you for all the great comments! I love them!

  5. That sounds like a journey from hell. If there is one thing I truly hate and try to avoid at all costs it is long bus journeys....

  6. @ JaPRA: We weren't given any information at all surprisingly but I was able to get home that evening.

    @ Lauren: Oh! You are not dense... it is a bus stop and shelter. In England, they tell you which direction you are heading in so you know what side of the road to get on the bus. I had started out so far out of the city, that this was the first "destination" I even recognised!!

    @ Antonio: Thanks...

    @ Claire: I know! We had very little decent public transport to speak of in Jo'burg. I still get thrilled using it!

    @ William: I much prefer using trains myself!

    @ Tom: Aaaah, thanks!


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