Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 16: Six Fifteen

Six Fifteen

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  1. I was just thrilled the other night to see that it was still light outside at 6.15pm. The birds had been chirping so loudly that I had thought it was on the television!

  2. Nice, those longer days!! It is getting shorter on this side of the world :-)

  3. This photo reminds me of the street in Bend It Like Beckham. Great shot!

  4. It's SO good to see a little light about, and it will seem even better next week.

    By the way, has your CMF ads widget disappeared intentionally?

  5. We have light until 8 pm here. It's so bizarre really. Makes me think I have more time to study before bed, and I don't.

  6. Emm don't forget that on Sunday the photo will be Seven Fifteen, the clocks go forward this weekend. That must confuse a lot of the newly arrived foreign workers to this country.

  7. you know when i look at the shape of the cloud, it reminds me of that flying dog from the never ending story ha ha!

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack
    Game FreakZ

  8. It's a great time of year. After the wintry darkness to notice the lengthening days, announced by the chirping birds. Now we just need warmer weather.

  9. @ Mireille: Aaaah, Autumn must be well and truly on the way there now!

    @ Francesca: Oh really? I think all of the streets in England look like that!

    @ Sheila: I know! It is already light until 8pm!! Re: CMF - yes, I always found it was doing nothing for me.

    @ The Ancient Digger: I know!! I think I have a whole evening ahead of me and then realise it is bed time!! It takes me time to adjust!!

    @ Martyn: I know! It is glorious in the evenings but I wish I could catch up on that hour!!

    @ Tina: And so it does!!!

    @ Clueless: Oh, it was glorious today! 16°c - postive heat wave!!


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