Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 17: Missing


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  1. There's a really funny story about how I chose possibly the worst neighbourhood in London to live in when I arrived here. But sometimes, quite a lot actualy, I remember why I chose that place and I miss it. This was the view outside my bedroom window.

  2. I would surely miss it too, it seems the perfect place. Will you tell us about that neighbourhood? I'm intrigued by the story!

  3. It doesn't look like a bad place from that angle!

  4. What a fantastic view, I can't imagine it being a bad neighbourhood.

  5. This is so lovely Emm. I would love to take a stroll around this park.

  6. What a great view!
    Betty xx

  7. That would be a perfect place for the dogs :-)

  8. @ Jill: It was such a lovely view!

    @ Fullet: Okay then... It is Thamesmead which is one of the dodgiest, most concrete and horrible estates in the UK. It is quite well know for it's yucky apartment buildings and whenever they film on council estates, they film in Thamesmead. Of course, I was not to know this and entered from the other direction, walked through a field and saw the lake. Here is the Wikipedia article:

    @ Erin: I loved it!! I didn't think it was a bad place at all. Until we were burgled and the neighbourhood kids started picking on us.

    @ John: Ha! It was Thamesmead!!

    @ The Ancient Digger: And I did walk around it nearly every day!

    @ Ash: Precisely.

    @ Betty: I know!

    @ JaPRA: It was but unfortunately there were too many dogs without leashes and they just can't avoid Josey who then, um, bites them. So we had to walk them late at night.


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