Sunday, 4 April 2010

Window into SA: Justin Cohen

A Window Into South Africa

Justin Cohen Justin Cohen is a motivational speaker and author from Johannesburg.  He is the man behind Big Little Stories which is a website featuring inspirational and motivational videos that speak about kindness, gratitude and power.  Justin’s message is unmistakably South African and I believe he is an incredible ambassador for the country.  Justin very kindly replied to my request for an interview.

What is the name of your website or business?

Whereabouts in South Africa are you?

Tell us about what you do?
I am an international conference speaker and author. We also produce inspirational videos documenting our clients success stories:

The Big question: Are you a rugby, cricket or football fan?
I am that rare breed of South African who is not a sports fan (gasp!) but I am a patriot and look forward to one major party over the world cup period.

Which team will you be supporting?
Bafana Bafana

Which is the nearest football stadium to your home and work?
Ellis Park

Will you be attending any games?
Nothing lined up yet, but I’m sure I will.

How would you describe South Africa to someone who has never been there before?
The best place to live if you can stay alive!

What would you say is the single best thing about South Africa?
I once had the privilege of visiting Sting’s house in London, it is beautiful but on a middle class income you could afford the same size house in South Africa with a better view and much better weather. The quality of life here is extraordinary.

What is the number one attraction that tourists must visit in South Africa?
Maropeng, Takes you on an inspirational journey from the birth of humankind to the present. I have attended many museums around the world, this is the best! (I agree! It is a brilliant place!)

Where in South Africa do you go on holiday?
Cape Town, Bantry Bay is my favourite.

Do you have any advice for tourists and visitors?
Come to South Africa!

What can South Africans do to make the country a better place?
Be more positive.

What is your dream or vision for the future of your city and country?
Crack crime and this will be paradise.

What is your favourite South African charity?
Child Welfare South Africa

This is the first one of Justin's videos that I saw, the video that made me seek him out:



  1. This is totally off topic, but my son's name is also Justin Cohen. :-)

  2. A video that I can totally relate too, when I'm having a bad day, I think back to when I nearly drowned and that brings me back to reality. However it is human nature to moan when we have a bad day, that's just way it is.

  3. @ Hevel: Ha ha - I expect it is quite a popular Jewish name!

    @ William: That must have been such a turning point in your life!! I know we complain but I certainly know what you mean.


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