Sunday, 25 April 2010

Window Into SA: Zanele Nhlapo

zanele We’re back in the interior of South Africa this week to meet with Zanele Nhlapo.  Zanele is a successful business woman who lives in Soweto and works in Emmarentia.

What is the name of your website or business?
Phakisa Communications (Director: Zanele Nhlapo)

Whereabouts in South Africa are you?
6 Linden Road, Emmarentia, (011) 888-6518

Tell us about what you do?
Phakisa Communications is a one-stop-shop communications & multimedia company, with its head office situated in Joburg. Our core competencies are PR, Marketing & Communications campaigns & strategies; Advertising; Photography; Corporate Videos; Events management; Print layout & design; Multimedia & Graphics; Corporate branding, imaging & signage; and Promotional items. We’ve been in business since 2001, and have a large range of governmental, parastatal and corporate clients. I (Zanele) am one of the directors of the company. 

Are you a football fan?  (rugby, cricket or football)

Which team will you be supporting?
Bafana Bafana/ Brazil

Which is the nearest football stadium to your home?
Soccer City

Will you be attending any games?
No, I prefer to watch from the comfort of my couch.

Are you near to any historical places or places of interest?
Hector Peterson Memorial in Soweto.

How would you describe South Africa to someone who has never been there before?
South Africa is a beautiful and colourful country that has mountains and rivers that flow in all of its 9 regions. We have a very rich and diverse culture – hence the term “Rainbow Nation”. The people of South Africa are down to mother earth, and are eager to help at any time. Treat them with respect, and they will always be of help to you. Remember, not all people in Mzansi speak English, but you can always try hand signs for directions.

What would you say is the single best thing about South Africa?
South Africa is a place of peace and controversy, where various cultures are merged to form one colourful Mzansi culture.

What is the number one attraction that tourists must visit in South Africa?
Anywhere on a safari.

Where in South Africa do you go on holiday?
Seafront / Kruger National Park

Do you have any advice for tourists and visitors?
Do not carry your valuables with you all the time and at least not openly. If you are lost, just stop at any garage; petrol attendants are usually very helpful with directions. South Africans are generally a friendly bunch of people, so don’t be too paranoid… being alert and aware is a good thing though.

What can South Africans do to make the country a better place?
Be more helpful to tourists, especially when they are lost and need directions.

What is your dream or vision for the future of your city and country?
Clean, friendly and free from crime.

What is your favourite South African charity?
Othandweni (home of the destitutes)

I asked Zanele for a couple of photos of their office and environment but they reminded me it was just a boring old converted house.  Here are two photos of the Phakisa staff.

living le goodness 039

phakisa-staff I love how the staff really represent South Africa’s Rainbow Nation!! The insanely pretty girl in the front on the top photo and at the back left in the bottom photo is my very good friend Jean.  We met at Wits University.



  1. Wonderful Emm, just wonderful. keep up the good work.

  2. I have never been to South Africa, I hear it's a lovely country.

  3. @ Gauteng: why thank you! And thank you for participating too.

    @ Anonymous: It is a stunning coutnry. You must go one day if you get the chance.

    @ Mo: Thank you! It was fun doing the interviews.

    @ Dudu: I am glad you enjoyed it.


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