Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 19: Twist


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  1. This is most definitely a staircase I would not want to move heavy furniture up!

  2. Hi emm, I can't be on line often just becouse I was super busy these few days. Grert photo I like it!

  3. Michelle | Print Brochures21 April 2010 at 12:49

    Cool, I actually want something like this at out house. Would be an interesting finish. I like the spiral.

  4. @ Phoenix: Thank you! I saw that and immediately knew I had to take it for Wordless Wednesday!

    @ Momstart: Me too and lately I can't seem to stop photographing them!

    @ Jennifer K: Hahaha - especially not in your condition. Fear not - this is in a castle and it is unlikely anyone will be moving furniture up there.

    @ Ellen: I know what you mean! I certainly need more hours in my day this year!

    @ Michelle: This one is pretty ancient! Perhaps 500 years old?

  5. Very cool Emm...Fabulous shot!

  6. You're such a great staircase photographer. That's a compliment, I think. lol

  7. I love this one! Well captured!!You are so talented!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Emm.
    Betty xx

  8. @ Kiki: Thnak you! I quite liked it myself.

    @ The Ancient Digger: Hee hee. I will take it as a compliment!

    @ Ash: Thank you...

    @ Betty: Thank you very much!

  9. Is this a lighthouse? What a great shot!

  10. u got it perfect. nice shot

  11. I actually have a thing for old houses, old buildings and old staircases! I like to imagine all the people that have come up and down on these steps.

    Awesome photo.

  12. "Emm In London" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  13. I think I would be dizzy going up without having to look down. It's always fun to find staircases like this and photograph them without having anyone on them.

  14. @ Jen: Hi! No, it is a turret in a castle.

    @ Katherine: Thank you! I just knew it had to be a WW shot!

    @ Momma Drama: Hi! And welcome! And thank you!

    @ Imelda: Thank you very much!

    @ ♥N: I think you would love joining me on some of my adventures then! I've been castle-hopping (as I like to call it) around England a couple of times.

    @ FishHawk: Thank you so much for this honour! You're so kind and I do appreciate it.

    @ AVCr8teur: We were quite lucky indeed! That old castle was full of school excursions that day!


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