Friday, 21 May 2010

MyCommunity Competition: My Southwark

Yesterday morning, the Eternal Tourist (yours truly) took a self-guided walking tour around Southwark which is the little area in which I work.  It is tucked beneath London Bridge and spreads around Borough High Street all the way to Borough Station.  I think it is safe to say that I am rather enamoured with this historic and understated area and I jumped at the chance to take part in the MyCommunity Contest over at Gumtree.

It has all been quite exciting really. On Saturday morning, I received a mysterious package in the mail. I was thrilled to discover a small digital camera, a Moleskine notebook, a pencil and instructions to capture the very best of my community.  I decided to focus on Southwark because I was long overdue on a photowalk and I had promised you all some more photos of Southwark Cathedral. 

The photos I took are attached in the slide show above and once the competition is over, I'll tell you all about them in more detail and take you on your very own personal photowalk!

For now, I need your help and support!  Success in the competition is based on the number of (relevant) comments I get on this post and over at the forum at Gumtree.

Please can you visit my entry My Southwark at Gumtree and either leave a comment here or on my forum listing there.  Tell me about your own experiences in Southwark – have you been to Borough Food Market or Southwark Cathedral?  Can you tell me something about Southwark I didn’t already know?  What do you think of the photographs?  What will you get in return?  Why, I’ll be posting a personal thank you note with links to your blogs at the end of the week.

Next week will be a bumper filled Southwark week here on Emm in London because not only will I be posting the photos above, I’ll also be posting an update on The Shard development too.  Stay tuned and help me win the competition please!


  1. I have never been to London (or Europe for that matter) but your photographs have always brought the city to life for me.

    I really enjoyed the photos of Southwark, particularly the ones of the ruins. I can't wait for when you post descriptions so I'll know what all the fabulous buildings are.

    Good luck!!

  2. My favourite part of Southwark is the Imperial War Museum which opened to the public in 1920, although the Southwark site didn’t start until 1936. The museum holds heaps of official documents, letters, a library and some military equipment, but mostly I love the photos, paintings and cartoons. The students and I tracked the works Orpen, Nash, Nevinson, Lewis, Lavery, Bomberg etc as they were painted during the war and as they were acquired by the museum.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. When I come visit, you need to take me on a tour of Southwark too, please.

  4. I have wandered around parts of Southwark on a few occasions and it is an area that seems to have a good buzz about it. I personally wasn't too impressed with Borough Market and felt it was nothing but a tourist trap.

    Just a stones throw from Borough Market is 15 Park Street, which was used as the Hideout Out, in the classic Guy Ritchie gangster flick, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and it looks almost exactly like it does in the movie...well worth visiting if you have seen the movie.

  5. It does brings back a lot of memories by looking at the photos, thanks for sharing, love it!

  6. These streets and buildings are new to me, and what fun to take that tour thanks to you! I like very much Borough Market, it recalls me a little la Boqueria in Barcelona, and I just love the medieval ruins. The white sky brings unity to your photos, and it's like a pleasant companion for a walk.
    Best wishes!

  7. I have never been to Southwark or the UK so thank you for the photo tour! For you, sometimes it's fun to see a familiar place through a "tourist's eye". You might discover something new.

    Good luck to you!

  8. I think these pictures capture perfectly the quirkiness and variety Southwark has to offer.

    Walking around Southwark one notices an odd ambience - a mixture of history and urban modernity, a glint of city slick contrasted against concrete earthiness, all of which I can see in your selection of pics. In particular I love the Cathedral ones which truly reflect its glory. I hope you win!

  9. Beautiful pictures - I think Southwark will be going on the itinerary for my next London trip! The Cathedral is stunning. Parts of it remind me of Varnhem Abbey in southern Sweden.

  10. LOVE the Southwark Cathedral pictures! I think it's one of the most wonderful buildings in London. I went to an evensong there once and that was a great experience, but just walking around it outside is also something not to be missed.

    Wish I could walk around Southwark again, but your photos are the next best thing 8-)

  11. Thanks for your comments everyone! I put up the thank you post as promised and hopefully spread some link love!

    @ Trisha: Oh dear! Perhaps we can entice you to visit our little island one day? Hopefully the posts ofver the next few days will answer all of your questions.

    @ Hels: I love the Imperial War Museum too! I just thought it was in Lambeth, for some reason.

    @ Vanessa: "When"? That would be so nice! I will certainly take you on a tour!

    @ William: I agree - some of the buildings in the vicinity are wonderful. I know that Bridget Jones was filmed there too.

    @ Agnes: It is an absolute pleasure! Thank you for reading.

    @ Fullet: On the day, I wished it were a little more sunny but I guess they did come out all right! I have not been to Barcelona yet but hope to go one day.

    @ AVCr8teur: That is my aim with this blog! To see everyday and every place through a tourist's eye!

    @ CitiBitch: You are so right and you put it so well into words! I'm so glad you started writing too!

    @ Miss Diarist: Varnhem Abbey looks amazing - I do so love the gothic style. I'm glad to have put Southwark on your itinerary!

    @ Kathy: I have to agree. It is amazing and evensong must be incredible there! I will have to go.


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