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Window Into South Africa: Rencia Froneman

Rencia Froneman This week we’re off back down to the Western Cape in South Africa to visit Rencia Froneman.  Rencia is the owner of the recently opened and amazingly delicious Mint Deli in Swellendam so make sure you look out for some photos of the deli at the end of the interview. 

Swellendam is about two hours further inland from Pringle Bay where I went to a wedding last year and it is just over 90 minutes from Stilbaai where we visited Helene two weeks ago.

What is the name of your business?
Mint Deli (Owner: Rencia Froneman)

Whereabouts in South Africa are you?
114 Voortrek Road, Swellendam, (028) 514-2994

Could you tell us a bit more about Mint Deli?
The Mint Deli serves gourmet food in an inspirational setting, in the heart of Swellendam. Although we have set breakfast, kids’ and light meals menus, our specials change every day. We also run an in-house bakery and sell local arts & crafts. Find us on Facebook!

Are you a football fan?  (rugby, cricket or football)
More a rugby fun really, but will be watching football in June/ July

Which team will you be supporting?
Bafana Bafana of course

Which is the nearest football stadium to your home?
It’ll probably be Green Point Stadium in Cape Town

Will you be attending any games?
Nope, I’ll watch the games on my TV at home.

Are you near to any historical places or places of interest?
The whole of Swellendam is a historical place of interest, as it is the third oldest settlement in South Africa! Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Langeberg mountains, this tranquil town is not only famous for its youngberries, but also for its architecture and history.

How would you describe South Africa to someone who has never been there before?
People always say, if you’ve lived in or visited South Africa once it stays in your blood and keeps calling you back. This is very true! It is a beautiful and fascinating country – undoubtedly with its fair share of problems and social issues – but with a verve and a lust for life that is incredible to behold and to become a part of.

What would you say is the single best thing about South Africa?
The people for sure! And of course the beautiful natural scenery that can take your breath away. And the amazing food and wine – just visit the Mint Deli to sample some of our local delicacies. Those are three things, I know, but it’s just TOO difficult to pick one single best thing.

What is the number one attraction that tourists must visit in South Africa?
The Western Cape (I absolutely agree!)

Where in South Africa do you go on holiday?
Kruger National Park or Cape Town

Do you have any advice for tourists and visitors?
Be alert at all times, but don’t let that spoil your experience of our beautiful and friendly country. Try to make some local friends, who can show you around and give you advice on where to go and where not to go.

What can South Africans do to make the country a better place?
Be more involved on a community-level and become more proactive in the fight against crime.

What is your dream or vision for the future of your city and country?
Lower crime stats, more employment & better education for all.

What is your favourite South African charity?
SPCA and Wetnose

There are a couple of things which tug at my heart and make me want to go back to South Africa in a heartbeat.  When I look at these photos of the restaurant and the food, I just want to drop everything and go back home. 


This is a view of the Mint Deli at night and below if a photo of the Langeburg mountains from the restaurant.


The food is absolutely delicious and wonderfully authentic. 

Lambs liver pate with beetroot reductionLamb shank 

On the left is a lamb’s liver pate with beetroot reduction and on the right is a lamb shank.  Yum!


I’ve known Rencia practically my whole adult life so make sure you say hi to her when you visit and mention my name!  I am sure that they will go out of their way to make you feel extra welcome!

Mint Deli Logo Facebook



  1. looks like a nice place to eat if ever i will be able to go to south africa which i really like!

  2. That's a lovely place Emm.

  3. Hi Emm,
    That was a really nice place.
    Loving your pictures!
    Have a great week ahead!
    Big hugs!

    Betty xx

  4. London has lots of cool stuff so come back. There'll even be some sun soon.

  5. Wish I could be in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, pity funds are not allowing me :(

  6. @ shasha: South Africa is a fab place and I do hope you make it there one day. Lots of the restaurants are really laid back too.

    @ Gauteng: Indeed it is!

    @ Betty: Thanks dear!

    @ Mo: Ha! We never left but we will be going to SA for three weeks in December.

    @ Anonymous: Such a pity! Although, I personally would not be keen on visiting any country with such mayhem as a world cup or the olympics.


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