Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 25: Winchester Palace

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  1. From the placard outside of this wonderful little piece of history:

    "These ruins are all that remain of the palace of the powerful Bishops of Winchester, one of the largest and most important buildings in medieval London.

    Founded in the 12th century by Bishop Henry de Blois, brother of King Stephen, it was built to house the bishops in comfort when staying in London on royal or administrative business.

    The visible remains were part of the Great Hall, which formerly stood alongside the south bank of the Thames. To the right, the gable wall of the hall has doors which led to the buttery, pantry and kitchen, and it has a magnificent rose window".

    Okay, I know this is possibly the least "wordless" Wednesday yet but I just had to share that!

  2. Imagine how grand it would have been.

  3. So cool! You sure don't see stuff like this in the States. :(

  4. This area has a fascinating history, much of which is uncovered by property developers looking to turn the place over...

    The Bishops of Winchester were pimps. They were outside the city Walls, so they licenced prostitutes and trousered a percentage. Many of the 'single women' were buried round the corner in Red Cross Way, many of which are still there...

    Cheers for this. It's a reminder that I haven't had a walk round there myself for a while.

  5. Neat picture! And I'm glad you added the identifying words 8-)

  6. We have NOTHING that striking in the world of architecture in Orange County... very pretty!

  7. Very cool! Great set of blogs you have and great set of pics. I'm resigned to life in suburbia (for now) but miss my days of travel, art, architecture, cool stuff in general.. am going to live vicariously through you I think!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    In London you have so many great buildings and so are your photos. Would love to go there som day, with my camera:-)

  9. super-fabulous! I love your enchanting posts..such beauty ! Gorgeous photo...the energy is wonderfully translated through all your photos!!Wish I could touch those walls.
    Hope you have a sparkling wkd!
    And thankyou for your super generous comments are a shining star!

  10. @ Everyone! Gosh, I don't know what happened! It seems like I blinked twice and suddenly we were at the end of July!!! I promise never to run this far behind on my replies again but thank you all for your comments!

    @ Mo: I definitely think it would have been quite fancy! Even the partial reconstruction looks grand!

    @ Jen: Hi! Welcome to my blog! That is certainly the best thing about coming to England from a country that is relatively young, like the States. There is such amazing and ancient history here.

    @ Richey: I know! I have heard of the prostitute's grave yard before and must try find it. I have been to Red Cross Way but did not see it.

    @ Kathy: Ha! In that circumstance I had to add a bit of an explanation!!

    @ Jennifer K: Aaaah, but you have the Pacific Ocean, don't you???

    @ Tightwad: That is the best thing about being a serial expat - I know that no matter how far I move into Suburbia, I will always need to travel somewhere!

    @ Spiderama: Oh, it is a pleasure - you have a great pair of blogs!

    @ Kiki: Why thank you - you always say the nicest things.


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