Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 28: Wembley


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  1. Emm very nice. That said I really liked the old Wembley with the twin towers etc. Guess its progress?

  2. the ambience..and the energy..I love night shots! Captivating color-scape and glow..and i love how you can see the lines of the cobbles and stone street!
    Have a gorgeous day!
    And thankyou for such generous and sweet comments for rock..and you are the best! hugs!

  3. Hi Emm, Dropping in from Tightwad here and wondering which Wii exercise vids you like? I am going to talk hubs into getting a player. I think I'd use it, and the kids would love it too.

  4. I love that night shot, Emm!
    ~B xx

  5. Ok, first of all, people are wearing jackets and I can't take off enough clothes to be comfortable in Florida. Grrr. Love the shot Emm.

  6. @ Mike: To be honest, I never quite got the need to tear down the old stadium and rebuild it. Catastrophic waste of money in my not so humble opinion.

    @ Kiki: Ha! Get to know me and you'll know I'm not sweet at all! I'll have to untarnish my reputation if you go around saying things like that!! But thank you!

    @ Tightwad: Did you get a Wii-Fit yet??

    @ Betty: Thank you!

    @ Lauren: Welcome to summer in England. Had I not been wearing a thick winter sweater, I would have actually frozen up there in the stands! It is very hot this week though and I have even ventured out with bare legs!

  7. I just googled "Wembley". Is that Wembley Stadium on your photo? I love night shots very much. But my camara is not good enough to take a nice night shot as yours. Now I was watching World cup in South Africa live television. The soccer stadium in South Africa is gorgeous!^_^

  8. A couple of weeks ago, I walked around the outside of Wembley at 10pm and I had the whole place to felt kinda weird.

  9. lovely pic - this can be seen from the hills behind where we live some 20 miles away!!

  10. Gorgeous... a very familiar sight for me (the unlighted version atleast) since I used to live in Harrow! :-)

  11. Hi everyone! Yes, it is true, the past month has been manic on both work and personal fronts and I am a month behind on comments. Still, I hope you all will forgive me!!

    @ Ellen: Yes, it is Wembley Stadium. I hope to buy a new camera soon to enable me ot take better photos at night and of concerts.

    @ William: It must be really eerie empty!

    @ Revivor: I know! It is a great landmark!

    @ Ash: Oh, wow! That is close!


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