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Happy 2nd Birthday to “Emm in London”

Can you believe it? It is two years since I started this little blog! It has been quite an exciting year but not as exciting as the first year when I visited Turkey, South Africa and America and took a road trip around England

Central Park

Even though I finished  my trip to New York and Washington just before my 1st blog birthday, I did post all about it in this year.  Over 500 photos and 25 blog posts chronicle my first trip to the United States and the beginning of my love affair with New York!

Blogger Logo
In the middle of July, I was Blogger Blog of Note for the day.  It was very exciting and I met tons and tons of people overnight.  More exciting than that, of course, is the amount of people who stayed to read and who I have become friends with over the past year.  It has been amazing and it certainly makes blogging worth it!

Mika at The Roundhouse
At the end of July, we went to see Mika at The Roundhouse.  I was not previously a fan of Mika or his music but his concert changed all of that.  It was brilliant and I would certainly consider seeing him again.  If it was free again.

St Mary Axe. and St Andrew Undershaft
In August I went on my first photography course and wrote all about it in London: The City, the Monument and the Bridge.  Now, almost a year after that first course and after promising to learn all of my camera features before getting a new camera, I am just about ready to move on and to upgrade.  Of course, I know nothing about cameras and will post about my shortlist soon.  Visit The Photo School for more photography courses around London.

In mid-August, Mister Emm rushed back to South Africa for some emergency dental treatment.  Yes, that’s right.  It cost less to go home, have a holiday and get the treatment than it would have cost to do it in London (and we got more than one quote!).  In September we moved house again which was pretty horrible and then my Mum moved over here from South Africa.  Let’s just agree that September rushed by in the blink of an eye and we were all happy to emerge unscathed on the other end! 

Royal Observatory GreenwichIn October, my friend Patrick visited from South Africa and we spent four days roaming around South East England.  It is my earnest intention to finish posting about that before I go on holiday again with Mister Emm, The In-Laws and Patrick again in October.  (Just thought I should mention that I promised similar things about finishing posting about my trip to new York in a timely fashion and it took me exactly 6 months!!!)
Halloween Haircut Horror
At the end of October, I chopped off all my hair for charity in the Halloween Haircut Horror.  I chopped ten inches off my pony tail and sent it to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients.

Church of St Luke (bombed out church in Liverpool)
In November, I was sent up to my favourite city on the planet for work.  I held a mini-competition for readers to guess where I was and many correctly guessed Liverpool.  I visited the new Quiggins Centre and the exquisite bombed out Church of St Luke.

At the end of November, I went to see My Favourite Band on Earth Ever© Cranes in concert for the third time.  It had been a pretty long day as I had dragged poor, long-suffering Mister Emm around shopping in London all day and I had forced him to watch New Moon with me too!
London Bridge Rail Station snow
December began in hilarious fashion with me commenting that it was too sunny to be winter only to be proven dramatically and unmistakeably wrong two weeks later when I was very lucky to get home after heavy snow just about brought London to a stand still.
Hawkwell House - the fireplace
Instead of succumbing to the winter blues, we decided to turn it all around and we went off to the cosy old Hawkwell House for a charming winter retreat for Christmas.  It was everything we had wanted it to be – warm, cosy and full of Christmas cheer.

Lost in Southwark - Little Dorrit Court
I took a rare lunch hour and decided to get Lost in Southwark.  Southwark is an area rich in history and it was also the home of Charles Dickens.  I wrote lots more posts about Southwark through this year too.
London Underground roundels
At the end of January, I went on my second photography course and learnt about camera settings and the manual mode.  I set about to capture the essence of London in my photo essay for the day.

Dartford Methodist Church[2]
I took the first of many walks around my new home town of Dartford.  Dartford is a really old town and there are tons of old buildings to photograph.  Which reminds me, I really should get out more and take photos.  There are Norman churches and disused graveyards featuring monuments to fallen Protestants!
 Blue snow[3] WinterSun[1]
There were lots of photos of winter sun and heavy snow which were both fine with me.  The only thing I don’t really like in winter is the never ending grey!
Arthur Whittaker Trubshaw
At the beginning of February, we took a trip Up North and visited the area where I lived until I was nine years old.  I also introduced you to my grandfather and told you a bit about my family history
Garrick Theatre - Little Dog Laughed[3]
In February, we began the slow process of emerging from our winter hibernation and we went to the theatre to see the Garrick Theatre production of The Little Dog Laughed.  We also went to the ShockWaves NME Awards Tour 2010 which was a lot of fun.
The Shard
We got our first sighting of Spring in March and I gave the first of my updates on the Shard and London Bridge Quarter development.
Carisbrook Castle 
It was our wedding anniversary at the end of March and we took a lovely trip to the Isle of Wight.  We took a ride on the grand old Isle of Wight Steam Railway and had the most glorious four days there.  One of these days, I am sure I will finish posting about that too!
A Window Into South Africa_thumb[2]
In April I began my series A Window Into South Africa where I interviewed normal South Africans in the run up to the World Cup.
Pizza Express Launch 05[7]
I attended the launch of the Pizza Express summer menu and met lots of other great London bloggers.  It was a fab evening and we got to make our own pizzas.
Southbank May 2010 1[3]
We spent a rather rainy but brilliant day in Southbank in the middle of May and met up with our good friend Gavin who is living in Seattle.
 London Eye
May was all about the MyCommunity competition which culminated in the awesome sunset flight on the London Eye.  It was a really awesome experience and once again, I got the chance to meet other London bloggers.
St Paul's Cathedral 06[6]
In June I ran the Race for Life for the third time to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  You can still take advantage of the chance to sponsor me there and receive a month’s free advertising on my sidebar.  I also posted some gorgeous photos of St Paul’s Cathedral and the surrounding areas.
We went to see Green Day at Wembley Stadium which was amazing.  It definitely made me determined to have a new and better camera by the time I see Muse at Wembley in September!

Yinka Shonibare Nelson Ship in a Bottle
Finally, we spent a balmy Sunday in the West End where I got together with my colleagues to watch England vs Germany and to see the play Ghost Stories.  It was a fabulous afternoon and a good reminder why I don’t go into the West End very often!

Wow.  I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted now!!!  I think this post took four hours to type up!!  The coming year is going to be a bit more exciting, I believe, with trips to Serbia, Scotland and South Africa this year and hopefully even more travelling goodness in the first six months of next year.  Mister Emm has promised to do more spontaneous travelling once he gets his British passport next year so hopefully that will mean weekend trips to Prague, Paris and Brussels for Emm in London.  Happy birthday dear blog!



  1. Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday Dear Emm in London,
    Happy Birthday to You.

    Congratulations, and long may it continue :-)

  2. What a year! Emm in London is always a joy to read, dear friend. Wishing you many exciting adventures to come :-)


  3. Congratulations on your blog's 2nd birthday! You have had quite an adventure in the last year!

  4. Happy Blog Birthday.

    I truly enjoy reading your blog and I love your photographs.

    Congratulations and I hope the next year will be filled with fun adventures for you to blog about.

  5. Happy Birthday Emm's blog.

    I would say "happy birthday to you" Emm, but for some reason I think a two year old can't spell or type.

    Either that or your a baby genius!

  6. Well done Emm. I enjoyed this post which reminds me how long I have been reading your excellent blog.

    I have a question. How do you get the rounded corners on your images? I think they look really cool.

  7. Congratulations! It's quite a feat to be at it for two years and to keep it so interesting! I really enjoy your blog and hope you keep posting! Also, today's post was a wonderful retrospective...I'll have to go back and catch up on some of the ones I missed. Congrats again!

  8. Hi Emm..yay Congrats..Happy Birthday..what a fabulous post..I enjoyed reading about all your adventures...fabulous!! You are super awesome..a really wonderful read!

  9. Happy Birthday Emm's blog. Happy Birthday to You!

  10. Congrats Emm great post,i always enjoy looking at your photos especially from around London, being a Londoner myself.

    keep up the good work


  11. You are really flourishing in London. You've been doing all this exciting stuff, I'm quite envious.

  12. Happy Blogging Birthday Emm!! :)

    And what a great post this one is too. It seems you have indeed been a busy wee thing! And I feel I've missed so much too, so I'll have to use your links in this post to go and have a catch up.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures throughout the next year.


  13. Happy Birthday *clink* and here's to many more years of happy blogging ;)

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to EMM IN LONDON and to the amazing EMM who made it happen.

    Cheers :)

    PS: looking forward to Serbia :D

  15. Well done Emm! Make an effort to go to Prague but take it from me a weekend is not enough. So many beautiful buildings and parks for you to photograph. Why Serbia? Sounds fun.

  16. Congratulations! And yes, despite my lack of commenting, I am still here reading, taking it all in! Good ole Goole Reader....!

    If you want suggestions on cameras, do let me know! I love telling people what they should.....I mean, I love chatting about and recommending cameras!

    And all those travel plans, but no Mexico?! Tsk!!!

  17. Whew, I am out of breath just reading this.
    Life is what you make it and you make yours absolute magic. Enjoy!

  18. Happy Birthday...2 years is a hell of long time in the world of blogging...Keep up the great work..!

  19. Happy Birthday!! ....and many more!!

  20. Congrats on two amazing years, Mandy! Love reading about your adventures :-)

  21. Congratulations, Emm! That sounds like a fantastic year, and we surely enjoyed it thanks to your blog. Congratulations too for the "blog of note" in Blogger, and for the Mikka concert too! :)

  22. Thank you sooooo much for all the bloggy-birthday wishes everyone! I got most of your kind wishes while I was in Serbia and it made me feel quite special!


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