Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wordy Wednesday

This is the opposite of a Wordless Wednesday post!  I am still desperately trying to catch up with my blogging and commenting and reading and seem to just be swimming (well, drowning actually).  I keep thinking maybe work will get less busy or I will magically catch up with everything but it isn’t happening.  To be fair, I am a lot happier and more well-rested than I was this time a week ago so I am not actually complaining.  Oh, except that I pulled a muscle in my calf three times on three different jaywalking experiences and am walking with a slight limp at the moment.  Which looks silly and I can’t play on my Wii Fit with a strained calf muscle.  So I decided not to post a Wordless Wednesday post this week but to rather try to catch up with comments and blogs and get back into my groove again.  I’m also sneakily taking the opportunity to listen to my New Favourite Band© Kawasaki 3P while I do all this so-called catching up. 

See? There isn’t even a photo in this post and you all know how much I love to add images to my posts.  Anyway, I’ll be posting a lovely guest post tomorrow and then I will be getting back on the blogging bandwagon this weekend and planning my posts for the next month.  I have posts from Serbia, Isle of Wight and South East England for you and then I am off to Scotland in five week’s time.  Happy Wordy Wednesday!  Oh, and happy birthday Favourite Baby Brother©!



  1. welcome back... :-) wordy wednesday is a nice welcome break!

  2. I am sure you will catch up eventually emm:-)

  3. good to see you still knocking out consistent posts - I am just trying to get to grips with writing, posting, linking, sharing etc etc!!

  4. Seems like you go at full steam with all you do, glad to hear there is some happiness in there too.


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