Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 34: Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah Hotel (2)

Another from my archives: November 2005. We vowed to return to this amazing hotel one day.  We only visited for high tea!

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  1. Oh wow, that just looks so relaxing, I could certainly do with a trip there to help me chill out and relax ;)

  2. Wow looks like a kool place to be, I could handle some of that lifestyle. I think if I was to stay in a hotel like that I wouldn't want to leave in a hurry...until it was time to pay the bill!

  3. Amazing place, I can't believe it is a hotel. I hope I could have a vacation there to get rid of the boresome things here.

  4. wow.... is it in dubai... always wanted to visit dubai.

  5. One of my favourite places in Dubai is the Madinat Jumeirah ! I was just there on my last trip and spent an evening having sheesha overlooking the amphitheatre and a boat ride after dinner :)

    Good memories looking a this pic !!!

    Do stop by and share your link on my #WW widget thingy hehehe

  6. Madinat Jumeirah!! Listen I'm gonna take a Dubai-Abu Dhabi trip in a couple of months..
    will need pointers from u on where to visit n all that...

  7. Beautiful picture. Looking for somewhere to visit this winter,.. might have just found it :)

  8. @ Karen: It is very relaxing and elegant! We loved our short visit there.

    @ Steve: It was high tea! 3 or 4pm if I remember. Very posh.

    @ William: We have promised ourselves that one day, we'll go back and actually stay there. Would you beleive it is cheapest in July? That is because Dubai is unbearable in summer.

    @ Ellen: Life might be boring but it is always good to return home after holidays, not so?

    @ Lily: Yes it is! It is just one of the fancy hotels you can see in Dubai.

    @ Dazediva: Isn't it fabuolous! Now you have made me determined to eat there one evening too!

    @ Ash: Lovely! You must go on an evening desert safari and visit the gold souks too. And go to the marina too. There is a lot to do and more so than when we visited 5 years ago!

    @ The Ancient Digger: Ha! Yes, it is. Isn't it lovely?

    @ Paul: The best time to visit is in December as it is really hot by our standards but not unbearable.

    @ Ms Beauty Soul: It was lovely! I will certainly return one day.

  9. Simply fascinating! Love it! Thanks so much, Emm, for the beauty of your photos that keeps me yearning for them!

    Hope you're having great Sunday, my awesome lady!

    Big hugs,
    B xx

    P.S. Missed you!

  10. Ooops! I re-write: .. a great Sunday!

  11. The heat of July in Dubai sounds like hell.

  12. I think if I visited in July, my white Scots skin would fry.

  13. @ Betty: It is a lovely place!! This was taken in their winter!!

    @ William: :) In UK we keep our kids inside in winter as it is too warm, in Dubai, they keep them inside in summer as it is too warm!! Or they go on holiday to England!

    @ Ryan: Heh! I think you might be right.


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