Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Normal Programming Will Resume Shortly


It has been three whirlwind weeks in which my in-laws and friend Patrick visited from South Africa and we all went up to Scotland for a week in the middle of that.  Patrick left last week and my in-laws left last night and I look and feel as glum as Molly in the photo above.  The good news, dear blogging friends, is that normal programming will resume shortly on Emm in London as I have so much still to share with you about my travels to Serbia, Isle of Wight and now Scotland.  I am starting studying again next Monday so my actual outings will be limited somewhat until I go to South Africa in December but I am sure I’ll find something to keep us all occupied!

By the way, my dear dog was not being deprived or tortured, honest! Stephen had just gone out to the shops which always makes her interminably glum and sad until he comes back home.  You’ll be pleased to know that she couldn’t care less when I leave home; don’t I feel special!



  1. Look forward to reading about your trip to Scotland.

  2. What a sweetie - you will have to drag him/her along to the next Bloggers meetup :)

  3. I look forward to hear about your travels. We'll look out for Molly while you're busy with school.

  4. Well, you got one of them to sit still for two seconds for a pic ;-) A nice one at that!

    Looking forward to hear more about your travels, Emm.

  5. I can't wait to hear about your travels, especially Scotland. I'm thinking of doing a post about Scotland in the near future.

    What a cute puppy!

    Hope you're having a good day!

    Betty xx

  6. i cant wait for all your stories.

    however... if you going to s.a, please read this and ask around whether it's true, kinda farniee....


  7. looking forward to your adventures.

  8. I love your dogs expertly put on face of glumness, my one can do that look to perfection as well!

    The prospect of your trip to SA in December will soon have you buzzing with excitement and before you know it you will be there enjoying another adventure...

  9. Hi Emm I was wondering what you had been up too. Look forward to some new posts about the trips.

  10. That's the sweetest face! Can't wait to see photos from your travels.

  11. Soooooo cute Molly! Her face looks soooooo blue. Lovely!! What a coincidence! You will start studying next monday, and I will start studying next Saturday, too. Look forward to reading your posts about your travels.

  12. @ Ryan: I hope that they meet your seal of approval!

    @ Londoneer: Ha! She is actually possibly the moodiest Lab on the planet!

    @ AVCr8teur: Ha! Don't remind me how everyone else will be free!

    @ JaPRA: I know! I finally got her to sit stil for a second!

    @ Betty: Oooh, I'll look out for your Scotland post!

    @ Lily: Yup, absolutely true what you posted about kulula.com. You should look out for the South African Nandos ads too!

    @ Rob: Thank you!

    @ William: I really am ooking forward to that, only 11 weeks away!

    @ Mike: I know! I really missed the Blogosphere while I was away, too.

    @ Preppy Pink Crocodile: Thank you! You have the coolest name ever.

    @ Ellen: Oh really? What are you studying?


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