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Sony Preview Screening: “Eat Pray Love”

Last night I went along to Sony Pictures in the West End to watch a preview screening of Julia Roberts’ new film Eat, Pray, Love.  The film is being released on 24 September 2010 and it was fun to see it so nice and early!  We were fed pizza on arrival and then lead into one of Sony’s special viewing theatres and it was all quite posh.  The film was followed by a discussion panel consisting of a travel blogger, yoga teacher, food blogger and dating blogger.

I’ll be sure to upload my review over at Addicted to Media but the film certainly got me thinking.  It is hard to judge a film like Eat, Pray, Love because it is akin to judging another woman’s very personal travel experience.  Eat, Pray, Love is a true story based on the journey of journalist and writer Liz Gilbert.  Liz was paid a handsome advance by her publisher that enabled her to make her year-long journey but there is no doubt that she was spiritually bankrupt and suffering the effects of her divorce when she embarked on her trip.  In short – she needed to go and find herself.

I follow a lot of travel writers and bloggers on Twitter and there are certainly many serial travellers out there.  There are couples who are taking an adult gap year or career break, young adventurers just out of school or university who are touring the world for a year or two and, of course, there are professional travel writers or perpetual travellers who have managed to monetise their blogs.

It all seems so glamorous and exciting but I’m also relieved that it is not me.  Quite simply, I love my life.  It can be frustrating and hard and disappointing even but I travel not to escape or to find myself but to experience more of the world and to drink in other cultures and countries.  As I mentioned earlier, it is not a judgement at all but just a realisation that I wouldn’t want to perpetually travel the world.  I like having a job and my husband and my life and that is what makes my travel experiences so important to me. 

Having said all of that though, I think in some ways I have done exactly what Liz Gilbert did.  Being an expat can be monumentally alienating, bewildering and lonely at times.  I came from a country with nine month summers to one with five months of bitter winter and I’m generally fluey for four of them.  Perhaps importantly, I battled the winter blues and the residual effects of traumatic experiences that I had in my home country.  Running this blog has been my own little journey of self-discovery.  Friends often remark to me that I seem to ‘do so much’ but that has always been the purpose of this blog.  Being an eternal tourist, seeing the quirky things in every day life and showing my readers the world through my eyes is my way of reminding myself that I am alive and it has been the most life-affirming, inspiring and, yes, therapeutic processes I have ever undertaken,  Thank you all for being part of that journey!

Um, *cough*, I’d be interested in knowing if Eat, Pray, Love has generated similar epiphanies in other bloggers / travellers / expats.  It is certainly not the best film I’ve ever seen, based as it was on a priv-lit book but it sure got me thinking!  Here is the trailer for the film:



(Oh and in order to avoid constantly repeating myself, I’m not going to apologise again for being behind on comments and commenting.  I mean, I am sorry but I just don’t see life slowing down in the next seven days so I’ll try get back on the wagon again next week)



  1. "Being an expat can be monumentally alienating, bewildering and lonely at times"... certainly can! And not just at times... I would say often. You cannot take for granted ANYTHING that you knew to be true, while you were still living at home. Even the simplest, truest things eg always to say please and thank you, to use a tissue for a runny nose instead of sniffing.

  2. Sorry I can't help with your question about other bloggers' reactions to the movie. I have an unreasoning dislike of Julia Roberts and won't see a movie of hers unless forced 8-).

  3. Emm ... I read the book and the follow up to it, so I'm definately looking forward to seeing the movie. I loved the book, it made me think ... a lot! I also liked her style of writing and humour, so I'm hoping the movie doesn't let me down.

    My most recent blog entry is a snippet from her follow up book 'Committed' :)

  4. @ Hels: You are so right! South Africans often forget to actually say "please". They imply it by their tone of voice and that can be acceptable in SA but not here!! I often have to remind Ste to say please!

    @ Kathy: Heh. I am like that with Angelina Jolie actually. I can't seem to forgive her for breaking jen's heart!

    @ Suzy: I hope you enjoy the film then!! From what I know of the book, they do change a couple of things so I think that could be controversial. For example, in the film, she meets David after splitting up from her husband, not during her marriage. I shall rush right over to your blog!

  5. I can definitely relate to what you're saying about the expat thing. Sometimes, even after years, I wake up and my world seems to be upside down :)

    I read the book a while ago and look forward to seeing the film. The story is intriguing to me and Julia's a Georgia girl like me so I'm always intrigued to see what she's up to next.

  6. Sounds like a movie with the potential to be good, but unfortunately I'm one of those that cant stand anything with Julia Roberts in it. I would rather visit a Polish dentist than watch her.

    And the Winters are so much more milder here in London compared to the North East of Scotland. Londoners are softies, even the rain here is like taking a warm shower. I personally never realised how good the summers and how mild the winters were till I moved here.

  7. @ Dori: It is amazing how quickly life can unravel, isn't it?? Mostly, I feel at home here now to the point where I get culture shock when I go home but yeah, it can be hard! I did not know Julia was from Georgia!

    @ William: Ha ha!!! She's okay... I guess it al depends on your perspective. England is about as cold as I would go but I could do with longer, warmer summers for sure! I simply could not live like some of my North American friends where spring only arrives in late May!!!

  8. Sounds like an interesting premise. I quite like the idea of travel and writing too, maybe I'll get to that later. Though I'd probably only visit the warmer places after living 'up north' for too long!

  9. I loved the Book, waiting for the film here. :)
    Its the travelling that intriguing, putting it up in words, personally, I find it difficult some times.

    Liz did an awesome job with the book. :)

  10. I love Julia Roberts and that film sounds interesting! I can totally relate to your thoughts about the expat thing.

    I'm definitely looking forward to see the movie.

    B xx

    PLUS: Too busy working on a research project..agh!
    but I had/loved to quick pop overhere. :)

  11. If I could, my restless soul would jump at a chance to travel the world for a year or more. Whenever I come back from a new place, I always feel enriched in some way by learning about a new culture or just learning about a city. I read some travel agencies have setup itineraries for others to follow in Liz's footsteps. To me, that was Liz's journey. Everyone has their own path to create and follow.

  12. @ Jason: I definitely prefer warmer holiday breaks! My honeymoon and a later trip to UK in 2005 were pretty miserable experiences and I do tend to ensure that I hit warmer climates now. Then again, I really would like to go live on the equator, I love the heat that much.

    @ Usha: I quite enjoy making my blogs but it does all become a little unmanageable at times. Like, um, at the moment.

    @ Betty: Hope you research project is going well. Loved your latest blog - I am also tempted to switch off comments sometimes but then I'd get lonely!

    @ AVCr8teur: I agree 100%!!! Sometimes, I set up itineraries for people to travel South Africa or UK but I always put something in there that I have never done and would love to do. That way, people get to have their own personal journey!

  13. I have the book in my 'to read' pile.

  14. I am not a big fan of Julia Roberts, and as a male, not a fan of "chick flicks" either. (I also dislike the testosterone action movies too).

    My wife and I viewed this film last month, ironically, August 24th. Despite my apprehension, I was surprised by this film - I was the only male present in the theater.

    Excellent cinematography. Actually, the film was a pretty deep philosophical movie. We all have our apprehensions that hold us back and this movie showed how Julie's character overcame herself doubt. something we all could learn from. I was skeptical, but left the theater actually liking the film for it's in depth meaning and symbolism.

    I would like to view this film a second time to catch more of the philosophical significance behind the film. I shall recommend the movie.

  15. @ Mo: Cool - be sure to let us know what you think!

    @ Rob: I'm really glad that you enjoed it!


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