Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 36: The Desert

Dubai Desert

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From my trip to Dubai in 2005.



  1. I wish I could see the desert some day. It's on my list. It looks amazingly evocative in your photo.

  2. Not sure if I'd fancy going on a camel though.

  3. Ooohh, breathtaking! How wonderful to have seen that yourself.

  4. It looks breathtakingly peaceful such a long word for me lol.

    Happy WW! Emm

  5. i have always dreamt of taking a pic like this.... you are sooo fortunate. how i envy you.

    felt serene.

  6. Nice shot! :-)
    I am awaiting my UAE trip in December..yay!

  7. I wish I had a camera back in the day, when I visited the desert between Israel and Egypt all those years ago, at least I have the memories...

    I wouldn't mind going back one day to camp out in a desert for a couple of nights. I think that would be an amazing experience.

  8. Now that is just a gorgeous shot and is that someone on a horse in the background?

  9. Astoundingly stunning, Emm!! :)
    Great colours and texture!

    B xx

  10. Another really cool shot Emm.

  11. wheenever i look at a desert pic i always suddenly feel thirsty!! beautiful shot though

  12. Amazing how something so simple can be so beautiful.

  13. @ fullet: I had always wanted to go to the desert too and I still want to visit the Mojave Desert and the Namib Desert in Namibia too.

    @ Ryan: They are incredibly easy to ride!!! Easier and more comfortable and sweeter than horses!

    @ Sheila: I know - it was amazing!! Definitely an experience I intend on repeating.

    @ Steve: It was peaceful and uplifting too in a way.

    @ Lily: I would certainly recommend stopping oer in Dubai if you are ever flying to Africa or Europe.

    @ Ash: Lovely! How ong are you going for and will you take photos for me?

    @ William: I agree. One of my blogging friends intends to stay over on a night safari and I am quite envious!! Pity about not having a camera.

    @ Karen: It is a camel!!!

    @ Betty: Thank you! I hadn't thought about texture before but now I will!

    @ Phoenix: And one of my very, very, very early ones!

    @ Tina: Ha ha!! Thank you!

    @ Lauren: Absolutely true. I love being out in nature!

  14. I suspect that I can skip this film without missing much, but I appreciated your comments.

  15. what a beautiful shot. The desert looks so pristine, as if nobody has walked on it.

  16. @ Sharkbytes: Heh. Agreed... nothing beats real travel anyway!

    @ And Miles to Go: That is what I love most about deserts! They renew themselves every day!


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