Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 37: First Loch

Loch Monzievaird

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The view from our balcony at Loch Monzievaird.



  1. Nice capture and I really like the natural light gradient.

  2. I have visited countless lochs in my time, but I cant say I have ever visited Loch Monzievaird. It sure looks lke it is a room with a view.

    Did you get the chance to have a wee wander around Loch Earn, which is a loch Perthsire that I have visited. I could do with some of that fresh air right now...

  3. Lovely! Isn't the Highlands wonderful?!

  4. I'm so jealous right now. What a fantastic photograph Emm!

  5. been to a few but doesnt look anything like this, this has a nice feel of homely somehow.

  6. Wordless is probably exactly right for this. Words can't do it justice!

  7. This is indeed a great picture of a wonderful place.

  8. Sooooooo glorious!! Must go!!!!!

  9. That's beauty, Emm. I'm viewing it at full size and it's brilliant! Why I'm not in Scotland? :)

  10. I've seen Scotland in black and white this entire week, so a little color makes Scotland even more perfect. WOW!

  11. Emm that's one beautiful view. I bet the curtains in the room have never been pulled shut.

  12. @ Betty: It was gorgeous and I got to look at that for a full week!

    @ Erik: Thank you. I was really lucky with the light there.

    @ William: I would certainly recommend it as you will see in my coming posts. It was incredible. We did not get to see Loch Earn but realised just how much there is to do in the area.

    @ Kathy: It was amazing and certainly left me with a taste for the history and culture of the area.

    @ Phoenix: Don't be jealous - American has incredible beauty!!!

    @ Eurotrip Tips: Thank you! Oh, and do be sure to type in your correct URL when commenting - I almost didn't find your blog!

    @ Lily: I think this might have been the first Loch I had been to. It was incredible.

    @ Sheila: I agree! There was a lot of speechlessness!

    @ Ash: It was indeed glorious!

    @ FishHawk: I hope to share more photos with you soon!

    @ JaPRA: You can take Trudy too! They accept, even encourage dogs!

    @ Fullet: I don't know about you but my personal answer as to why I don;t live there is that it gets cold in winter. Very cold.

    @ Lauren: Aaaah, hopefully I'll bring more Scottish colour to you soon.

    @ Steve: Thank you and yes, it was!

    @ Martyn: Of course not, it was too beautiful and it stayed light so late too!

  13. So beautiful! It looks like a Masterpiece from museum!

  14. gorgeous balcony view! i like how calm the water is, you can see the reflections of the trees!

  15. That is so gorgeous! I could look at that on a daily basis!

  16. beautful and the relections in the water are gorgeous. watch out for the monster! ;)

  17. @ Ellen: Thank you! That lake was like a mirror sometimes.

    @ Express In Style: I know!! It was like that most of the week. Calm and tranquil.

    @ Sandy Petals: It was fantastic to see it for a week!

    @ Livintheblues: Thank you!

    @ Tina: Heh! It is crazy to imagine people had to invent a monster in such beautiful surroundings!

    @ Tisha: It certainly was!

    @ Mo: Thank you!

  18. Been looking forward to your Scotland trip, great start with this beautiful loch view.

  19. Thats beautiful! Great landscape and reflection. Dreamplace!

  20. This picture definitely paints a thousand words. Beautiful.

    Have a great weekend!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  21. And what a view. Simply stunning!


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