Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 41: Finally

Battersea Power Station

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  1. I've wanted a decent photo of Battersea Power staton forever!

  2. beautiful! I love trains.

  3. nice pic - I love Battersea Power Station because it's so iconic

  4. Oh I really like this one Emm! Good lines on this one and a ton of stuff to view!

  5. Well done. It's strange to see those smokestacks and not see any smoke coming out of them. It must have been quite a sight during its heydey.

  6. Wasn't it being used for music gigs recently?

  7. Battersea??? Is that where it is????

  8. Ahh! Battersea power station always reminds me of my frequent visits to the old Batterea Funfair when i was a kid :-)

  9. Great shot! I've only ever seen it from that train, the one you have going past. :)

  10. Battersea Power Station is such a photogenic icon. I have taken loads of pics of the crumbling power station from lots of different vantage points, but never from where you took your pic. Nice pic...

  11. Is that train bound for Kent?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  12. its great the way how the power plant tends to overpower everything in front of it isnt it. great shot Emm :)

  13. Another new place for me. Very industrial. I must be dense today. It's a power station, is it not? Of course it's industrial. lol

  14. Where were you to get this shot. Love it.

  15. Hi Emm! I remember the first time I went to London, then staying in a very high floor of the thyen Penta Hotel, that the most incredible view was towads Battersea Power station; can understand why you wanted a decent picture of it... ;)

    Sorry for the absence: out one week, busy on return and then caught by the flu... ;)
    Blogtrotter Two is still in Algiers... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    PS: If you have been in Novi Sad for the Festival, you should come to Rock in Rio Lisbon... ;)

  16. Hi Emm,

    did you take this picture? It's perfect. I've always wanted to take a picture of the power station myself. Could you tell me which train you were on. Maybe I can have a shot myself then.


  17. Hi Emm,
    I really like that picture.The combination of vertical and diagonal lines in the picture makes it really interesting.I really enjoyed your other blogs too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments.
    I will visit here soon.
    Good day.

  18. Yay! You got it!! And a good one it is :-)

  19. @ And Miles To Go: I love trains too and I far prefer commuting by train over driving!

    @ Kiki: Thank you!

    @ David: I agree. It is one of London's most iconinc landmarks but judging from the comments, perhaps only to people that have lived or worked here?

    @ Phoenix: Aaah. Thank you!

    @ AVCr8teur: Yes, it has been out of commission for many years but it is a listed building, I think and so a landmark.

    @ Ryan: Yes, I think you are right.

    @ Ash: Yes, it is just, um, south of Victoria.

    @ Steve: Now that sounds like fun. Don't they have "affordable fairs" these days?

    @ Betty: Thank you!

    @ Sheila: Ha! I have so many photos of the inside of train windows, trying unsuccessfully to capture the power station. I really need to get out and about more.

    @ William: Thank you! I always love seeing other people's photos of Battersea. In fact, you and the other London bloggers really inspire me!

    @ Joy: No, I don't think so. It is most likely heading to Victoria at that moment but also, it looks like a Southern train which goes into Surrey (I think).

    @ Tina: Definitely! It is quite imposing.

    @ Lauren: Ha ha! Well, it is out of commission now so the area is retail and residential, mainly.

    @ Mo: It is on Ebury Bridge off Buckingham Palace Road. I walked due South from Victoria and then turned left into Ebury Bridge.

    @ Trotter: Sounds fabulous!! I wonder what that hotel is called now?

    @ Ralph: It is not from a train, it is from Ebury Bridge, just south of Victoria Station. I take 99.5% of the photos on this blog :)

    @ Deepak: Thank you!

    @ JaPRA: Yes, finally :) And thank you!

  20. This picture was among your recommended blog posts... love it! Battersea Power Station is such an iconic place. I walked around the area for many hours once, trying to find a decent spot from which to take a picture... ended up on the opposite bank...


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