Sunday, 21 November 2010

Weekend Snapshots ~ 8: New Camera!

I finally bought a new camera today and I’m having lots of fun playing around with it and setting it up.  I love the way it feels in my hands and I just love how it functions too.  I went through last Sunday morning to Jessups in Bluewater Mall and immediately rejected all of the cameras that had been on my shortlist as they just didn’t feel right.  My friend had a Canon that I had been playing around with a short while ago and so I settled on the Canon 1000 D with an image stabilising lens.  I went back again this morning and picked it up.  I’m quite looking forward to going out and about in the next couple of weeks and trying it out.  For now, I present my menagerie:

Josey (born 18 January 2004)

Molly (born 23 January 2004)

Seth (born 4 September 2006)

Summer (born 4 September 2006)

I could do with some happy thoughts on Thursday! I’m writing my first exam but have no doubt I’ll pass.  I was ready to write about three weeks ago.



  1. Good luck on Thursday. I'm pleased to hear you're confident. :-)

  2. Hi - sure you'll have a lot of fun with your new camera. I take mine with me as often as possible and snap away prolifically. Being poor :-) though I only have a Canon 450D (i'm not envious honest).

    Good luck with your exam. I'm sure you'll breeze it.


  3. That's the way to deal with exams be ahead of the game, so much better than leaving things until the last minute. I have someone studying next to me and I can hear her brain rumbling away...

    The new camera is from what I can gather an awesome piece of kit and it looks like you have two willing subjects to practise on!

  4. Isn't having a new camera just SO MUCH fun?!

    I am impressed with your menagerie, for sure! How do the different species get along?

    Good luck on the test!

    [previous copy of this comment deleted because of a typo--I need to be more careful!]

  5. Yay, you got the new camera! That is wonderful!! Can't wait to see all of the photos.

  6. YAY! New Cam! :D :D More Pictures then. ;)

  7. Awww..such beauties are sooo lucky..they are all gorgeous! Congrats on your new camera..enjoy! I look forward to your new camera magic! Wishing you best of luck on your exam!
    Have a fabulous week!

  8. I love when you first get a new camera. I want to take it anywhere and everywhere I go. I too snap pics of my furry kids first. You have an adorable family.

  9. Good luck with the exam, cute cats. We have 2 new kittens coming on the 10th of December.

  10. Nice...enjoy! :-) Wish I had more time to enjoy using my camera...I havent half used to it to the point to which I wanted to...

  11. Have fun with the new toy, canon is the best out there.

  12. Cats are my faves and Seth and Summer look great in their brand new portraits.

  13. I see Joey is a right poser LOL

    The photos look so clear enjoy your new camera

    Good luck with the exam Emm :-)

  14. Your pets are gorgeous. Josey is my fave if i can say that!

    Hope the new camera works out for you. I still use my phone for my pics! It is a decent phone camera though.

  15. does it makes you wanna snap everything you see....hehehhe i did just that

  16. Hope exam went well. Looks like you have models to do as much portrait work as you like

  17. Enjoy your new camera. It is a lot of fun to see all the new features.

  18. Congrats with your camera and good luck on thursday ;)

    Thanks for nice comments on my blog.

    The best wishes for you from me ;)

  19. Cuties:-)
    Wow, great with new camera!!
    Good luck on Thursday..oh, it`s today..!

  20. congrats re the camera. Re your comment I sort of doubt if anything can be too normal with the royals but you never know. This is nostalgic - used to go to Bluewater and Lakeside all the time. Don't you love the Dartford Tunnel?

  21. @ John: Thank you! I am indeed confident, hopefully I don't get pulled down a peg or two!

    @ Glen: I still think you and I should get together for a photowalk one day! Your 450D is actually better than my 1000D - mine is the entry level but I am very happy with it. Thanks for the good wishes!

    @ William: Ha! I wish I was this prepared at school and uni!! I agree - the camera rocks.

    @ Kathy: Definitely. Re: the menagerie - the cats rule the roost with the smallest cat, Summer, completely ruling over the dogs. The dogs are petrified of her and totally go into submissive mode when she hisses or spits at them! Thanks for the good wishes.

    @ Bridget: And I can't wait to start taking them too! I hope to start tomorrow.

    @ Usha: Hmmm, I seem to remember you getting a new camera too!!

    @ Victoria: Thank you x3!! I do love my little animals.

    @ Lauren: Ha! I was hesitant about putting yet more photos of my pets up on the blog but I couldn't resist!!

    @ Ryan: Aaaah, lovely. I want kittens!! Thanks for the good wishes.

    @ Jennifer: Hahaha! It most certainly is! Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen. I only call them by their first names when they are bad.

    @ Ash: Perhaps you and I should embark on a photo challenge then!

    @ Juka: Thank you! Do you use Canon too then??

    @ Josep: Aaaah, thanks! I'll let them know you said so!

    @ Steve: Ha! Josey is just a lazy little thing. I agree - I can also see a clarity in the shots that wasn't there in my Fujifilm. Thnaks for the good wishes.

    @ Tina: Aaaaah, Josey will love that you said that! She is my favourite too as she was my dog. I'll have to tell you all the story of how I got them one day.

    @ Hany: Thank you and thanks for following.

    @ Lily: Definitely. I am planning to play with it tomorrow after my exam.

    @ Mo: The exam is tomorrow so keep the good wishes coming! I do indeed have willing participants but I definitely need to work on photographing humans more.

    @ Flutietootie: Thank you! I can't wait to start playing around with the manual settings.

    @ Gateglimt: Thank you and it's a pleasure! You have a great blog!

    @ Spiderdama: Thank you! No, the exam is tomorrow. In 24 hours to be exact!

    @ David L Macaulay: I do love the tunnel!! But I love the bridge too and it is always such a relief to travel over the bridge and know that we are almost home (the bridge only heads back into Dartford. Was it up before you left?)

  22. Beautiful photos of your sweeties! Have fun with your new camera!

  23. @ JaPRA: Thank you!!! I'm loving the camera already but I think my pets are scared of it still.

  24. Have fun with your new gadget. looks like your pets are camera shy. :)


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