Monday, 8 November 2010

Win An A-list Experience With Freixenet


London is undoubtedly one of the biggest playgrounds of the rich and famous.   In South Africa, we were celebrity-starved and it was really exciting moving to London and feeling all of a sudden like I could run into a major star at any minute.  I used to be glued to tabloid newspapers and magazines, reading all about the antics of stars like Emma Watson and Sienna Miller as they visited (and fell out of) London’s swanky venues.  Of course, I am just a mere mortal and the idea of being able (or willing) to afford going to one of these places is quite remote so this little competition is right up my alley!

BrendanCole_CapeFreixenet (pronounced ‘fresh-eh-net’) is a famous Spanish Cava producer and they are launching the most incredible competition on their Facebook page today.  The prize will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend an evening enjoying the spoils and benefits of the A-list lifestyle.  The winner of the VIP (Very Impromptu Parties) competition will receive an invitation for them and their friends to attend an evening at Amika, one of London’s most exclusive venues.  They will be treated to Freixenet’s premium brand, Cordon Negro and given canapés fit for the A-list. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of the prize is that winners will be treated to a dance lesson from the star of Strictly Come Dancing, Brendan Cole!  How amazing is that??? 

I think it sounds like an amazing competition (and no, I’m not being paid to say that!).  I like the idea that it is just a night and a chance to experience something completely different for just one evening.  And no, I’m not deluded enough to think that I’ll run into some actual celebrities or become Paris Hilton’s new, British BFF but nevertheless, I’d like to win this one!

I’m definitely going to enter and maybe, just maybe if I win, I’ll take some of you along with me!



  1. ok! the dancing part got my attention.

  2. Sounds great! Thanks for posting about it. Cava, dancing, and a night out all sound like fun.

  3. Not a bad prize and Freixenet is a pretty good drop of Cava. If only I could muster up the energy to enter...

  4. Good luck hope you win, unfortunately with my 2 left feet I can't even dance the hokey pokey!!

  5. Clothes though, I would need suitable clothes to wear for eating canapés. I would survive the dance lesson for that.

  6. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for posting about it.

    B xx

  7. It sounds great and it's even more fantastic to know that Freixenet is so famous — and generous! I had a nice time visiting the cellars of Freixenet many years ago, they're not far from my home. I hope you win, Emm.

  8. I would love the dance lesson, although he may be embarrassed after I show him who's got the better moves. lol

  9. Let us know how it turns out! Lots of luck to you!!!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  10. @ Lily: Heh. Can you dance?

    @ Karen: I know! Doesn't it just sound like a fun prize?

    @ William: I know what you mean!! It wasn't straightforward!

    @ Ryan: Me neither which is why I could do with some dancing lessons!!

    @ Sheila: I must admit, I'd be glued to the food too.

    @ Betty: Pleasure!

    @ Josep: Yes, they are really trying to break out and make a name for themselves in UK at the moment.

    @ Lauren: Ha ha ha ha!!! I can't dance at all so no competition from me.

    @ Joy: Well, I'll be sure to share if I won!


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