Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ 45: Piscator

Piscator, Euston Station, London

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  1. Intriguing piece of street art. I haven't got a clue as to what it is meant to represent or where it is, you will have to enlighten me?

  2. what a beautiful find!

  3. Intriguing name, too.... The best I can think of is something to do with fish, but there seems no resemblance.

  4. Hi everyone!

    The plaque reads:

    Piscator by Eduardo Paolozzi

    Assisted by Ray Watson

    Cast by Robert Taylor & Co (Ironfounders) Ltd

    Commissioned by
    British Railways Board
    Fluor (Great Britain) Ltd
    Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons Ltd
    Norwich Union Insurance Group
    Pension Fund Securities Ltd

    Presented to the nation through the Arts Council of Great Britain 1981

    All I know is that a piscator means fisherman or angler but I don' really get it.

    Mo - you might have walked past it tons of times! I know I have. It is outside Euston station.

  5. Emm, Malawi cranes -> those are maximum cards. Stamps are on the picture side so you can compare concordance stamp+postcard+postmark, "for philatelic pleasure". See more in my websites. :)
    I'll follow your blog.

  6. I was curious myself, but it looks like the artist might have created the piece to honor the expressionist theatre director Edwin Piscator.

  7. This is an interesting piece of street art. Often so controversial.

  8. What a strange sculpture.
    Yes, Namibia was good, made it down to Fish River Canyon this time. One bad day; the battery failed on the 4x4 in the middle of friggin' nowhere. Didn't like that. Third time there on self-drive but first serious problem. Great country.

  9. @ Dorin: Thanks for the info!

    @ AVCr8teur: You are in fact correct!

    @ Birdman, John and Spiderama: Very strange indeed!!

  10. Er.... I don't know what to say coz I can't tell what it is :)

    Have a great start to your week!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  11. Hi something intriguing here when i visit..excellent!!
    Hope you are having an awesome wkd!

    That wheel( photo) you asked me like a very large heavy decorative slab..I am not sure what it is from. It was quite fun to photograph.

    Have a happy day

  12. Thats a strange statue. It looks like two transformers had been fighting and crashed into it! :)

  13. @ Joy: Ha ha! I don't quite know what it is either!!!

    @ Kiki: Oooo, I think I know the type. i used to have one on my outside wall at home.

    @ Tina: You're right! That is exactly whatit looks like!


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